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When Should I Sell My Real Estate?

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 5 October, 2020
When Should I Sell My Real Estate? with Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl


The real estate market is on fire right now. It has been cruising upwards in most regions across America, urging many investors to ask themselves this very nerve-wracking question.


When is the right time for me to sell my real estate?


Throughout our years in real estate, people have been asking us this question regularly, and the answer has always been the same. It’s probably not what most people expect to hear, but complex issues such as this one require elaborate solutions.


Kevin Clayson Quote on When to Sell Real Estate


As with everything in real estate, your decisions need to be in line with your goals. Deciding on when you’re going to sell will depend on why you’ve entered the world of real estate investment in the first place.


And even though investing with purpose may be the most important factor, there are many others that you need to consider before you decide to sell your property.


So for this episode, we’re going to go through all of them, share a few practical tips and work towards providing a thorough, evidence-based, long answer to this burning question every real estate investor wants to know.


Join us for yet another exciting episode of the Replace Your Income podcast!


Key Takeaways

  • Why is it so important to know when to sell? (1:41)
  • The downsides of emotional investing (5:56)
  • How to set parameters that will help you determine when to sell your property (9:41)
  • The most important questions you need to ask yourself before you sell (11:37)
  • Selling retail vs. selling to an investor (16:05)
  • Should you sell or refinance your property? (21:17)
  • Real estate is a tool, not a cage (23:10)
  • Is there an argument for NOT selling a property, ever? (23:53)
  • The crucial thing to consider when deciding when to sell your property (26:43)


Top Quotes

“This is Moneyball real estate.” – Kevin Clayson

“The real estate shouldn’t control you. You should control your experience with the real estate.” – Kevin Clayson

“You don’t know you’ve hit the peak of the market until you’re looking in the rearview mirror.” – Steve Earl

“At the end of the day, the market is going to determine your results.” – Steve Earl


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