Owning A Recession Proof Real Estate Portfolio Is Easier Than You Think!

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Declaring your personal economic independence is your responsibility, NOT someone else’s.

Imagine what it would be like to own all the benefits of real estate investing, without having to do any of the work yourself. Done For You Real Estate helps busy and successful people remove all the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the real estate investing process. We do the work, you own the property, and you keep 100% of the financial benefits of owning investment real estate.

The Road To Economic Independence is as easy as 1-2-3

Schedule a Call
Schedule A Call
Get Pre-approved
Get Pre-Approved
Review Your Handpicked Properties
Review Your Hand Picked Properties

Learn the 5 ways real estate creates the greatest opportunity for success during recessionary and inflationary times, and how you can take advantage of it today!

You Own The Property 100% And Keep 100% Of The Profits

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Properties Are Hand Picked For You

real estate done for you

Custom Financing Is Prepared For Your Situation

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Your Property Gets
Fixed Up By
Our Team

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Your Property Is
Rented Out And
Managed For You

DFY Only Makes Money When You Successfully Transact Real Estate

Talking with us is FREE. Getting Pre-Approved is FREE. Having your dedicated Account Executive help you review, select, and close on hand picked properties is FREE.

DFY Intro: Part 1 - Profit


Real Estate Makes You Money In Multiple Ways

Real estate is one of the only types of investments on the planet that allow you to make money in more ways than one with the same exact dollars.

DFY Intro: Part 2 - Leverage


Get maximum benefit with minimal investment of time, effort and money.

What allows you to put limits on your resources, your time, your investments, and your liability, but still gain maximum benefit?… leverage.

DFY Intro: Part 3 - Ownership


Own the real estate, the profits, and the benefit, but let someone else do the work

When you buy real estate the Done For You Real Estate way, our team does all the heavy lifting for you. We find you the property, we get it fixed up, financed, insured, rented out and managed for you, but you own it 100%.

DFY Intro: Part 4 - Consistency


Real estate done right is the most consistent and conservative investment around

Markets go up, and markets go down, but in real estate, over time, markets always go up. Owning real estate over time insulates you from the kind of market volatility the financial markets and traditional retirement vehicles are prone to.

DFY Intro: Part 5 - Risk


Nothing is without risk, but real estate can minimize and mitigate risk when it’s done the right way

The only kind of real estate we help our clients do at Done For You Real Estate is simple and conservative single family residences in some of the best markets in the country.

DFY Intro: Part 6 - Access


You deserve the best real estate in the best markets with the best team. Here you go!

Imagine having a team of dedicated experts doing all the expert level work for every single real estate transaction you want to do, and then imagine you get all the benefits of that expert team without paying expert level prices.

DFY Intro: Part 7 - Managed


The secret sauce that truly makes it so real estate can be made easy, and so real estate can truly be done for you

Purchasing and closing on a property is the easy part. The transition from buyer to owner is where the rubber truly meets the road. Done For You Real Estate has property managers in each market where you invest.

Relying on Traditional Investments May Have Already Cost You Thousands of Dollars…

Don’t wait any longer to see if simple and conservative real estate investing “Done For You” could start making an immediate difference for you and your family.

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Have you ever wondered if you will outlive your nest egg?

ways to invest in real estate

How much money have you missed out on by not receiving passive investment income?

ways to invest in real estate

How much more would you have if you could’ve avoided every market downturn?

ways to invest in real estate

How much have you already paid in management and bank fees?

ways to invest in real estate

How much have you lost due to times of market volatility?

ways to invest in real estate

What would it feel like if investment income was already paying all your bills and expenses?

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

done for you real estate reviews
done for you real estate reviews
done for you real estate reviews
done for you real estate reviews

We know what if feels like to work hard for years and put our faith in the traditional financial system only to wonder if we’ll outlive our money even after all that hard work and diligence.

Join more than 1,500 DFY Clients who are in the process of generating real income with simple and conservative real estate investment income.

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DFY House Properties
Transacted by DFY clients

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Properties transacted by DFY clients
Properties transacted
by DFY clients

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Investment properties currently under management for DFY clients
Investment properties
currently under management
for DFY clients

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More than

$ 500, 000, 000

In combined equity growth by DFY clients
Estimated in combined property
equity growth by DFY clients

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$ 150, 000, 000

In total revenue collected by DFY clients
In total revenue collected
by DFY clients

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Investment properties currently under management for DFY clients
Clients served over
the last 10 years

We Do 95% Of The Work, You Keep 100% Of The Benefits!

150 Hours

Done For You

What DFY DoesTime it Takes DFY to Transact
Game Plan Creation1 hr
Reviewing Plan With You1 hr
Pre-Approval Finalization4 hrs
Plan Solidification (by Coach)2 hrs
General Market Research10 hrs
Individual Property Research5 hrs
Deal Negotiation/Structure3 hrs
Property Analysis Creation2 hrs
Putting a Home Under Contract1 hr
Loan Origination2 hrs
Receiving Loan Conditions3 hrs
Fulfilling Loan Conditions3 hrs
Home Owner’s Insurance Policy1 hr
Loan Closing2 hrs
Property Rehab/Fix-up40 hrs
Market Rental Rate Research2 hrs
Property Management Set-up2 hrs
Tenant Acquisition10 hrs
Rent-Ready Inspection2 hrs
Rental Property Marketing6 hrs
Property Maintenance Repairs20 hrs
Lease Renewals10 hrs
Move Out Coordination2 hrs
Listing Property For Sale2 hrs
Showing The Property10 hrs
Closing On The Sale2 hrs
Annual Property Reviews4 hrs

8 Hours

Done By You

What You DoTime it Takes You to Transact
Game Plan Creation1 hr
Pre-Approval1 hr
Putting a Home Under Contract1 hr
Receiving Loan Conditions0.5 hr
Fulfilling Loan Conditions1.5 hrs
Loan Closing1 hr
Closing On The Sale 1 hr
Annual Property Reviews1 hr

Discover How Kelly Successfully Bought Her First Investment Property… In Less Than 6-Weeks!

Without Books, Seminars, Courses, Guesswork or Endless Hours Evaluating Deals.


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