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What’s The New Refinance Tool That Will Change Your Investment Portfolio?

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 14 September, 2020


I recently wrote a Forbes article about refinancing, which inspired the topic of this week’s episode. Allow me to set the stage real quick.


Most people think of refinancing as an expense, where the focus is on giving away money rather than earning it. Steve and I find this perspective to be incredibly limiting. 


That is why we propose a subtle shift.


Kevin Clayson Quote on Refinancing Your Credit


To make the distinction, we use the term ROI refinances, and this tiny little reframe makes all the difference.


What we’ve done is we took the most common understanding of the concept, and we flipped it on its head. In doing so, we’re effectively turning from a negative mindset to a positive one.


Looking at refinances like investment opportunities is incredibly useful for replacing your income. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a great return on your investment, and we’re going to explain just why that is so, step by step in today’s episode.


Many of us often approach financial topics from a mindset of scarcity. But just making that little mindset shift can open up a whole new world of opportunities.


Enjoy the show, and if you want to learn more about ROI refinances, we’ve set up a page on our website you should really add to your investment toolbox:


Key Takeaways

  • A brand new perspective on refinancing (2:36)
  • People usually focus on the costs of refinancing – why is this bad? (5:56)
  • What is refinancing, and how does it work? (7:35)
  • Why is our interpretation of refinancing different? (13:16)
  • What is an ROI refinance? (breakdown + example) (14:48)
  • One of the best things about making an ROI refinance (17:29)
  • An example of how an ROI refinance works (18:50)
  • Letting go of the mindset of scarcity (22:44)
  • A story about helping my kids develop an investor mentality (25:13)
  • How have our clients benefited from ROI refinance (28:05)
  • Why is now a particularly a good time to consider refinancing (29:29)


Top Quotes

“You leverage a little bit more money by increasing your loan balance through the closing cost of doing a refinance in order to get a larger return or a larger cash flow.” – Kevin Clayson

“It’s looking at it through the eyes of income replacement, not looking at it through the eyes of cost.” – Kevin Clayson

“I don’t know how (investment) rates can go any lower.” – Steve Earl

“Whenever you’re hearing the commercials saying, “Hey, this is no cost refinance!”, I guarantee you that company is not doing it for free.” – Steve Earl


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