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What You Should Look for in a Real Estate Investment Company

Posted by Kevin Clayson Friday, 16 August, 2019

Done For You Real Estate Co-Founder Kevin Clayson was interviewed on The Money Advantage Podcast. He had an in-depth discussion about real estate investing focusing on the specific types of characteristics you should be looking for when you are evaluating turnkey providers.

We know that DFY isn’t the only game in town, but we believe we are the best at what we do and can continue to get even better. There has been an emergence of “turnkey” investment companies over the last few years so we would like our clients and our prospective clients to know what to look for when they are evaluating service providers. On the podcast, Kevin talks about a few of those very important facts.

#1 – Find a company who is upfront about their fees.


#2 – Make sure the company has an extensive track record of real and lasting client success.


#3 – Find someone that will help you go beyond the transaction. Real estate investing goes much deeper than a single transaction, so you will need someone who understands that.


#4 – There is no reason to pay for education when you could save that money for your transaction, so find someone who makes their money through the services they provide, not through promises of education.

The complexities of investing in real estate on your own vs. working with a turnkey team is night and day. A provider like DFY does the research before handling the rehab, marketing, placing tenants, ensuring profitability, and successfully managing the property, all while you still take title and get the benefits.

Kevin discusses this and much more on the podcast. Check it out by clicking the link below or visiting our social media.