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The Undisputed Worst Performing Investment In America

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 7 September, 2020
The Undisputed Worst Performing Investment In America with Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl


There is an investment so common that roughly 70% of Americans are contributing to it. But when you look at it purely from an investor’s mindset, it becomes the single-worst performing investment in the United States.


In real estate, sometimes all you need is to change your perspective just slightly, and the game changes instantly.


Most of us have been taught that purchasing a primary residence is the most important investment we will ever make in our life. But if you take a closer look at the deal we all get and analyze it exclusively from an investment perspective, it becomes painfully apparent it’s not a good deal.


Kevin Clayson Quote on Primary Home Equity


Steve and I are all for paying off your home. However, if you’re looking to replace your income with real estate, the timing of owning your property is so very critical.  


Considering your primary residence as an investment property opens up a lot of great opportunities, and you’ll quickly learn there’s a way to tap into some of that otherwise trapped equity. 


Today, we’re going to highlight the most damaging aspects of a primary home investment deal and show you how you can turn it into something more powerful.


We want to share a different way of thinking that’s helped us and thousands of our clients move further along the path of income replacement through real estate.


If you’d like to learn more about this topic, we’ve set up a special page on our website just for that:


Key Takeaways

  • A brand new perspective on equity (3:48)
  • The worst-performing investment 70% of Americans are contributing to (6:05)
  • What are the most damaging aspects of your primary residence investment? (8:12)
  • Is your primary home REALLY the greatest investment you’re ever going to make? (14:08)
  • A new way to look at your primary residence equity (17:43)
  • Why do we advocate a short-term buy and hold scenario? (22:53)
  • If your equity is locked up, it doesn’t mean anything (25:03)
  • The timing of owning your home is critical (27:22)
  • How can this new perspective help you make better decisions? (29:15)
  • A link to our website with more resources on the topic (33:36)


Top Quotes

“What if you could unlock the safe and pull some of the money out of that safe so you can go invest it?” – Kevin Clayson

“We want to see equity in our property, we want to pay off our home… but in the event that that equity stays locked up – it doesn’t mean anything.” – Kevin Clayson

“We advocate what we call a short-term buy and hold scenario.” – Steve Earl

“The timing of owning your property free and clear is critical.” – Steve Earl


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