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The 2019 DFY Client Transaction, Acquisition, and Sales Report Is Now Available

Posted by Kevin Clayson Wednesday, 6 May, 2020

Every year, the DFY Acquisition Team compiles an annual report detailing each and every transaction completed by a DFY Client in a calendar year: purchases, sales, average rental days on market, and more. The 2019 report is complete and we are so excited to share it with you this week!

Maybe you sold a property in 2019, maybe you bought a property in 2019, or maybe it was a buy and hold year. Regardless, it is good for you to know what DFY clients were able to accomplish in 2019. We have the report and the numbers, so let’s see what you helped accomplish:

Property Transactions:

There was a total of 326 completed transactions last year, for a total of $53,162,326 in transactions.

Florida was the leader in the number of completed DFY transactions, followed by Indiana at number two and Memphis at number three to wrap the transactional popularity contest.

The average purchase price across all markets was around $170,000.

But wait… there’s more:

Of all the DFY clients that sold property last year, they made an average of $64,277 per property, having owned them on average for 5.7 years before they sold.

Across our three active markets, Memphis actually saw the largest equity increase in the shortest amount of time.

Indianapolis clients that sold last year held their properties for an average of 3.2 years and saw better than a $30,000 equity increase upon the sale of their property. Orlando saw an average of 4.6 years hold time before selling their properties for an average of a little more than $56,000 equity increase. Finally, Memphis saw an average of 3.3 years of hold time for almost $65,000 increases.

It should not need to be mentioned that past performance is no guarantee or even an indicator of future performance, but let’s say it anyway… The numbers in the acquisitions report are actual numbers and actual averages of actual DFY clients in 2019, but, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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