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This is not coaching or an education course. Done For You Real Estate (DFY) provides real estate investors with a team of licensed professionals who take care of the heavy lifting, while you keep 100% of the financial benefits of owning investment real estate.

The average amount to get started on your first property ranges between $75k-100k, comprising of down payment, closing costs, fix-up expenses, and our T.E.A.M.S. fee. 

The T.E.A.M.S. fee allows DFY to deliver seamless and simplified real estate investing experience from education to closing table. The T.E.A.M.S. fee is collected at closing, and includes Transaction Coordination and Oversight, Expert Level Experience and Education, Access to a Consistent Inventory of Homes, Market Data Driven Investment Properties, and Ongoing and In Perpetuity Support.

It’s a one-time, flat, per property fee of $6,995, fully disclosed and included on the property pro-forma’s. The fee is only collected at closing, meaning you don’t pay a cent until you’re closing on a beautiful investment property. This fee allows DFY to do all the work required for you to have a seamless and simplified real estate investing experience from education through to the closing table. Click the letters below to see everything the T.E.A.M.S. Fee includes.

In addition to our T.E.A.M.S. fee we make money through our mortgage brokerage on loan transaction fees, and through our real estate brokerage through agent commissions. That’s what allows our teams to do 95% of the work while you keep 100% of the benefits.

Transaction Coordination and Oversight

Transaction Coordination and Oversight

Our DFY Teams are experts in transaction coordination, ensuring every piece of the puzzle falls into place for a seamless investment experience. From market and property research to property oversight, our team takes care of every detail. Your personal Account Executive is like a real estate investment concierge, there to guide you every step of the way.

Expert Level Experience and Education

Expert Level Experience and Education

Our DFY Teams are the most experienced and seasoned in the business. They have successfully completed thousands of real estate transactions, providing expert-level experience and education. You’ll receive unlimited, ongoing real estate and financial education and have access to hundreds of hours of free content to ensure your success.

Access to a Consistent Inventory of Homes

Access to a Consistent Inventory of Homes

Our DFY Teams are constantly sourcing real estate investment opportunities, taking the guesswork out of investing. We specialize in short-term, buy-and-hold, single-family residential real estate, in the right markets and at the right prices. You can trust our conservative, time-tested approach to help you create real income one deal at a time.

Market Data Driven Investment Properties

Market Data Driven Investment Properties

Our properties are thoroughly researched, evaluated, and selected based on market data, government data sources, and local experts in the markets where DFY clients transact. Our approach to investing in real estate is simple, predictable, and based on thousands of successful deals. We only operate in a handful of markets because research has shown these to be the best for our clients.

Support – On-going and In Perpetuity

Support – On-going and In Perpetuity

Our support doesn’t end after you’ve completed a transaction. You’ll receive regular property evaluations and an annual review of your portfolio. Our team will manage your tenants, your property, and your portfolio. We’ll help you determine when it’s time to sell, hold, or expand your investments. Annually you’ll receive a comprehensive document that provides you with a strategic analysis of you portfolio, a detailed review of your investments, and actionable steps to optimize your financial returns. With DFY, you’ll have support that lasts a lifetime.

  • Down Payment: This is typically a 20% or 25% down payment required for financing investment real estate.
  • Closing Costs: These can include such things as appraisal fees, mortgage fees, title fees, etc.
  • Rehab or “Fix-up” Expenses: These include minor items that may need some attention to make the property as attractive to potential renters as possible. A DFY property will not need “major rehab,” but will typically require a few minor items like carpet, paint, minor aesthetic, or functional improvements, etc.
  • TEAMS or DFY Program Fee: This is a one time, nominal, per property fee called the T.E.A.M.S. Fee of $6,995.

At Done For You Real Estate, we believe that investing in real estate shouldn’t be a risky venture. That’s why we offer our “You Don’t Pay A Dime Until You Close Guarantee” to ensure that our clients only pay for our services once they have successfully closed on an investment property. This means that you can explore investment opportunities with us without worrying about losing any money upfront. Our guarantee is a testament to our confidence in our ability to help you find, purchase, and manage profitable investment properties. We prioritize your financial security and peace of mind, and our guarantee is just one way we demonstrate that commitment.


150 Hours

Done For You

What DFY DoesTime it Takes DFY to Transact
Game Plan Creation1 hr
Reviewing Plan With You1 hr
Pre-Approval Finalization4 hrs
Plan Solidification (by Coach)2 hrs
General Market Research10 hrs
Individual Property Research5 hrs
Deal Negotiation/Structure3 hrs
Property Analysis Creation2 hrs
Putting a Home Under Contract1 hr
Loan Origination2 hrs
Receiving Loan Conditions3 hrs
Fulfilling Loan Conditions3 hrs
Home Owner’s Insurance Policy1 hr
Loan Closing2 hrs
Property Rehab/Fix-up40 hrs
Market Rental Rate Research2 hrs
Property Management Set-up2 hrs
Tenant Acquisition10 hrs
Rent-Ready Inspection2 hrs
Rental Property Marketing6 hrs
Property Maintenance Repairs20 hrs
Lease Renewals10 hrs
Move Out Coordination2 hrs
Listing Property For Sale2 hrs
Showing The Property10 hrs
Closing On The Sale2 hrs
Annual Property Reviews4 hrs

8 Hours

Done By You

What You DoTime it Takes You to Transact
Game Plan Creation1 hr
Pre-Approval1 hr
Putting a Home Under Contract1 hr
Receiving Loan Conditions0.5 hr
Fulfilling Loan Conditions1.5 hrs
Loan Closing1 hr
Closing On The Sale 1 hr
Annual Property Reviews1 hr

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