Stop Checking the Scoreboard
Stop Checking The Scoreboard

In today’s episode, Kevin and Steve dive deep into why you should ‘stop checking the scoreboard’ on your journey to success in life.

“We can celebrate the accomplishment that we do today and that is the Moneyball mind at work” – Kevin Clayson

In the modern world, it can become so hard for people to be happy with what they have. We often see plenty of people dissatisfied with what they have because they compare themselves to other people.

When this happens, we constantly fail to appreciate the smaller wins we accomplish along the way. We are scrambling around, trying to maintain a focus on the larger goal we seek to achieve.

This frame of mind can carry over into any facet of our lives. Whether you are looking to expand your business, improve the relationship with your spouse or lose weight, making the most of this Moneyball mindset can revolutionize your perspective on achieving goals.

If you’ve ever reached a goal you sought but realized the joy comes in the small wins along the journey, then today’s episode is for you.!

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to the Moneyball Mindset (00:00)
  • What does checking the scoreboard mean? (03:03)
  • How it impacts motivation (06:26)
  • A real-world example of checking the scoreboard (08:37)
  • Checking the scoreboard in real estate (13:41)
  • The true cost of checking the scoreboard (14:49)
  • Another real-life case study (16:03)
  • The long term effects of checking the scoreboard (23:00)
  • How this applies to other areas of life (26:45)
  • Episode wrap-up (36:57)

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Stop Checking The Scoreboard

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