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Can “Moneyball” Real Estate Make You Wealthy Over Time?

Financially swinging for the fences is currently the cause of the American retirement crisis, leaving less than 50% of all workers on track to retire. We close our eyes, swing the financial bat, and hope we connect. At DFY we know that a wide-eyed approach to hitting real estate singles and doubles is the key to winning the long game. You can’t win the game if you can’t get on base, and you can’t get on base if you don’t get off the bench. An Income Replacement Estimate will get you into the Batter’s Box, and may even be the first step to a brand new financial future:

Stop Swinging For The Fences

How Does DFY Help You Play Real Life Moneyball With Real Simple Real Estate?…

Stop swinging for the investment fences! Swinging for the fences has been the cause of failure for 97% of new real estate investors. At DFY we know that hitting real estate singles and doubles with tremendous frequency is the key to winning the game. You can’t win if you can’t get on base… There is a simple real estate formula that can virtually guarantee long-term financial success. DFY uses a proprietary “Moneyball Real Estate” formula to help you play real life Moneyball with real simple real estate investing.

DFY is a real estate education and professional service coordination company that has become one of the most trusted names in assisting clients with predictable, PLAN-based real estate investing as a conservative vehicle for real retirement for those who are ready to ditch traditional retirement planning and actually begin replacing their income.

DFY provides clients educational material and advice in acquiring real estate to be held and owned by them. We grant you  access to all of our exclusive relationships of qualified and licensed professionals including, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, contractors, and property managers, who may assist you in obtaining qualified investment properties. Each qualified professional is an exclusive relationship we have cultivated for you, and each of the qualified professionals are independently owned and operated.

When you let DFY help you redefine your retirement by getting you the proper FREE education, and then connecting you with the licensed professionals that can do all the difficult work of real estate investing for you; and when it is all done with the proven/time-tested philosophy of not swinging for the financial fences but rather hitting real estate singles and doubles, you will have a winning Game Plan to help you redefine your retirement and replace your income, one single investment property at a time. So what is the winning Game Plan of real life Moneyball that DFY will show you?…

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The Winning “Done For You” Moneyball Game Plan

What Is The Formula? What Are The Steps? How Does It All Work?

Imagine A Team of Dedicated and Licensed Professionals Doing the Expert Level Work for you and Executing your Game Plan with you.

1st Inning

Get An Income Replacement Estimate (IRE)

A dedicated DFY Income Replacement Specialist will provide a free Income Replacement Estimate based on your current resources, your long-term goals, and your short-term needs. You’ll know approximately how long it will take you to replace your work income with real estate income in just a matter of minutes.

2nd Inning

Get Your Personal VP (Your Coach)

After you are pre-qualified to begin investing in real estate, you’ll be assigned a VP of Client Fulfillment. This seasoned expert will act like a “Coach” who will stand in your financial dugout to help coordinate all the pieces, all the professionals, and all the services you will need to make sure you have a solid team around you, and your “Coach” will help you make sure you are getting on base financially, again, and again, and again.

3rd Inning

Get Pre-Approved To Invest In Real Estate

Once you know what simple, predictable, and conservative real estate investing can do for you, and how long it will take to have it replace your work income with residual real estate income, you work with a pre-approval team. This is a team of licensed Mortgage Professionals that will tell you how much real estate you qualify to invest in right away using the DFY framework. This Professional team will hold your hand, and walk you through the loan process from start to finish.

4th Inning

Pick The Best Market
For You

Working with your Coach, you will receive data driven education on the various real estate markets that are in alignment with DFY principles. After selecting the best market to invest in you will begin working with a licensed agent, who works in the market you have chosen to invest, and who understands the DFY framework. You will begin seeing actual live investment home prospects. Each deal you will be shown by the agent will be a real estate single or double that fits in to your DFY Game Plan Framework according to your resources, desires, goals, and capabilities.

5th Inning

Go Under Contract

Once you pick the perfect deal with your licensed market agent, and once you know you have a solid real estate single that will help you win the game in the long-run by replacing your income, you will put the property under contract, and begin the financing and closing processes. Your Coach will trigger the mortgage team, and the real estate agent to begin the process of actually purchasing your investment property.

6th Inning

Close On Your Property

Your Personal VP of Client Fulfillment (“Coach”) will make sure you are connected to every licensed professional and expert you need to complete the transaction (mortgage, 1031 Exchange, Self-Directed IRA, etc.) He will also connect you to a licensed insurance expert to get your property insured, and have the proper coverages applied to your investment property. You will close with a title company, in the presences of a Notary Public, and you pay the DFY $4995 T.E.A.M.S. Fee, which is the fee to coordinate this whole thing for you.

7th Inning

Property Fix-Up

No matter where your investment property resides, DFY connects you to the teams of contractors and rehabbers, that work hand in hand with your real estate agent, a Coach will make sure the home is properly rehabbed and fixed up to make it as attractive as possible to prospective tenants. It’s all taken care of for you. Depending on the market, the rehab may already be completed when you close on the home.

8th Inning

Select The Best Tenants

The Property Management team you will work with in the market will find, qualify, and work with you, and your Coach to select the right tenants for your investment property so you can begin cash flowing, and start taking some financial bases. You will work with Property Mangers who work almost exclusively with DFY clients. They know what type of tenants you need, and what type of tenants will be best for your property.

9th Inning

Generate Cash Flow/Growth

Your in-market property manager continues to manage your home and your tenants, and you will see checks deposited monthly to your account. Your cash flow will be determined by how much your tenants pay in rent, minus property management expenses, and your principle, interest, taxes, and insurance.

Play Again

Repeat As Needed

The first property is only the beginning of replacing your income one property at a time. Every year after closing we will compile, and send you property and Game Plan reviews to reevaluate your income replacement goals and to determine if it is time sell, and buy another, or continue to wait for your next at bat.

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What Does It Cost To Work With DFY?

What Qualifies Me To Begin Investing In Real Estate?

DFY is a Real Estate Education Company Who Connects You To Our Exclusive Professional Service Partnerships

DFY Does NOT sell education… Education is FREE!
DFY Does NOT have ANY upfront fees associated with it!
You don’t pay a cent to use the DFY Team until you close!

Sitting Down With An Income Replacement Specialist…


Reviewing, Evaluating, and Considering Live Real Estate Inventory…


Receiving Life-Long Education, Support, and Access


With DFY You

LEARN Real Estate

and You Are Delivered A Team Of Licensed Professionals Who Will Help You

DO Real Estate

Most real estate companies charge thousands of dollars up front before a single deal is ever seen, or transacted. Most companies charge just to LEARN to do real estate; the actual transacting of real estate is completely up to you, and may take you hunderds of hours to complete a single transaction, not including the additional money you will be required to come out of pocket with in order to control the property.

With DFY, you pay nothing for the education and for being introduced to our exclusive partners. Additionally, when you transact real estate with DFY’s partners, you will only incur standard Real estate investing expenses like:

So what IS the T.E.A.M.S. Fee? T.E.A.M.S. is actually an acronym that stands for everything DFY does, and everything the DFY team delivers to you as a real estate investor :

T – Transaction Coordination and Oversight

Transaction Coordination is a broad term that describes how the DFY Teams in the field put all the puzzle pieces of a successful transaction together for you. From market and property research, to deal evaluation, to property fix-up and rehab, to ongoing property oversight, you are taken care of. Additionally you are assigned a VP of Client Fulfillment that will hold your hand and coordinate the field teams for you. Your VP is like a personal real estate investment concierge.

E – Expert Level Experience and Education

The DFY Teams have now been responsible for thousands of individual real estate transactions being successfully completed. When you work with a DFY Team Member you are working with the most experienced, and seasoned, and you are working with the very best there is. In addition to experts you will be working with, and that will be doing the work for you, you also receive unlimited, and on-going, real estate and financial education. There are hundreds of hours of free content available to you.

A – Access to a Predictable and Consistent Inventory of Homes

DFY Teams are a constant source of real estate singles and doubles. No need to take the risk and swing for the fences. The DFY approach to investment real estate is simple, predictable, conservative and time-tested. Short-term, buy and hold, single-family residential real estate, done for you, in the right markets at the right prices, and with a team that will manage and watch over your portfolio for as long as necessary, will, without a doubt help you replace your income one deal at a time.

M – Market-based and Data Driven Investment Properties

Properties presented by the DFY Team have been extensively researched, sifted, and evaluated based on market data, government data sources, and by local experts who live, work and make their living in the markets where DFY clients transact. Homes are evaluated against a backdrop of thousands of successful deals. The DFY Teams are only set up in a handful of markets because research has dictated that THOSE markets are the best markets for DFY clients to transact in, and to succeed in.

S – Support – On-going and In Perpetuity

Once you have transacted a piece of investment real estate through the DFY Process, and with the DFY Teams, you will not be left to your own devices. You receive an annual review of your property, and have property evaluations performed for you regularly – it is automatic and Done For You. Your team will manage your tenants, manage your property, and manage your portfolio. You will know when it’s time to sell, when it’s time to hold, and when it’s time to expand your portfolio.

The T.E.A.M.S. Fee is fully disclosed and included on the property pro-formas, and will be included on the closing documents at closing. The DFY property pro-formas illustrate your projected cash-on-cash and annualized returns, and will calculate them based on your total out of pocket expenses per property, which include the T.E.A.M.S. Fee. This T.E.A.M.S. Fee allows DFY to do all the work required for you to have a seamless and simplified real estate investing experience from the education all the way through to the closing table. The fee is only collected at closing, which means you don’t pay a cent for the DFY program until you are closing on a beautiful investment property that is typically ready-for-tenants, and that you are about to take title to.

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