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Welcome to your journey of creating real financial returns… one property at a time.

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We want to provide you hope, information, and unparalleled customer service as you shape your financial future. We deliver you a customized plan, and deliver real results according to that plan through investment real estate done for you, thereby creating financial peace of mind through infinite income generated by your real estate investments.

Our mission is to help people like you redefine your retirement and generate real income through simple, conservative, and profitable real estate investments that are all Done For You. Welcome to your journey of creating real financial returns… one property at a time

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On a Mission to Help Everyday Hard Working People Create Real Financial Returns One Investment Property at a Time

At Done For You Real Estate we know that you want to be financially secure and not have to worry about your financial future. The world of investing, as well as the world of saving and preparing for retirement has changed. What worked 30 years ago, simply no longer works today. We are living longer, pensions have evaporated, inflation is taking a toll, and Social Security is expected to be insolvent within the next 15 years.

What is the answer?… We believe it’s real estate!

But not just any real estate. We believe it’s simple and conservative, single family residential real estate investments that will produce cash flow, appreciate, and provide tax benefits that over time will replace some or all of your income.

The problem is real estate is complicated and time consuming, which makes you feel like it’s difficult to do successfully without you having to take on major risk. We believe real estate can be easy, especially if it’s DONE FOR YOU!

Done For You Real Estate got its start in 2008, cutting its teeth during one of the most difficult financial crises of our modern history. The company began with a simple premise… could it be possible to deliver all the benefits of simple and conservative real estate investments without all the traditional headaches and heartaches associated with them?

We understand then, and understand now, what it feels like to wonder if you are going to outlive your money. We also know what it feels like to want to get into real estate, but you’re not sure if you have the time or expertise to eliminate the risk that can come with most real estate investing… which is why we do the heavy lifting for you.

At Done For You Real Estate we put our decades of experience and our entire professional real estate team to work for you, while allowing you to still keep 100% of the real estate profits, benefits and rewards, without all the time, effort, and risk.

The Company has been designed to serve you to the highest degree and to make real estate investing easy for you. We find you the perfect property, we line up custom financing for you, we fix up the property for you, we get it insured for you, we find and place tenants in your property for you, then we manage the tenants and the property for you for as long as you own it. Once you own the property, we generate annual property and market reviews for each of your properties around the anniversary of your purchases, and we review those reports with you so that you know when to refinance, when to sell, when to transition to another market, or when to exchange your existing properties for more or for better. All of this allows you to enjoy the benefits of real estate investing without all the headaches and heartaches we set out to help you avoid back in 2008 when the Company was founded.

To learn more ABOUT US or to MEET OUR EXTRAORDINARY TEAM who is dedicated to helping you create real income one simple investment property at a time, click the buttons below…

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DFY Intro: Part 1 - Profit


Real Estate Makes You Money In Multiple Ways

Real estate is one of the only types of investments on the planet that allow you to make money in more ways than one with the same exact dollars.

DFY Intro: Part 2 - Leverage


Get maximum benefit with minimal investment of time, effort and money.

What allows you to put limits on your resources, your time, your investments, and your liability, but still gain maximum benefit?… leverage.

DFY Intro: Part 3 - Ownership


Own the real estate, the profits, and the benefit, but let someone else do the work

When you buy real estate the Done For You Real Estate way, our team does all the heavy lifting for you. We find you the property, we get it fixed up, financed, insured, rented out and managed for you, but you own it 100%.

DFY Intro: Part 4 - Consistency


Real estate done right is the most consistent and conservative investment around

Markets go up, and markets go down, but in real estate, over time, markets always go up. Owning real estate over time insulates you from the kind of market volatility the financial markets and traditional retirement vehicles are prone to.

DFY Intro: Part 5 - Risk


Nothing is without risk, but real estate can minimize and mitigate risk when it’s done the right way

The only kind of real estate we help our clients do at Done For You Real Estate is simple and conservative single family residences in some of the best markets in the country.

DFY Intro: Part 6 - Access


You deserve the best real estate in the best markets with the best team. Here you go!

Imagine having a team of dedicated experts doing all the expert level work for every single real estate transaction you want to do, and then imagine you get all the benefits of that expert team without paying expert level prices.

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deliver practical ideas of how real estate “done for you” could have an immediate impact on your financial life, while providing clear guidance, and customized recommendations to assist you with your financial future. This conversation only takes a few minutes but can change the trajectory of your financial future. Enter your info to get started.

You can also call us at 801-204-9061 or use our online chat by clicking on the orange button on the far right of the page…

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“I have been working with Done For You Real Estate since 2012. I have purchased nearly 20 homes from them and every single one has performed. I also do real estate with a couple partners, and Done For You Real Estate has the highest performing homes in my entire portfolio. I highly recommend their services and do not hesitate to refer them to everyone interested.”
          —Kelly Fasterling—

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