Sales Force Naming Convention

Pre-Qualification Naming
PQ(02/05/2020)/PQ/Smith, Tyler
Cash Out Refi(02/16/2020/CORefi/Smith, Tyler/Property Address
Rate & Term Refi(02/15/2020)/RTRefi/Smith, Tyler/Property Address
Property Purchase
Financed Purchase(02/15/2020)/FI/Market/1031/TEAMS/Account Name/Prop 1 of 2
Cash Purchase(02/20/2020)/CI/Market/1031/TEAMS/Account Name/Prop 1 of 1
Cash Purchase Primary
(02/21/2020)/CP/Market/TEAMs/Account Name
Financed Primary(03/01/2020)/FP/Market/TEAMS/Account Name
Property Sale
Property Sale/Investment(03/05/2020)/PSI/1031/Account Name/Address
Property Sale Primary(03/21/2020)/PSP/Account Name/Address

PMR x.xx.xx/Name

Tasks – Tracking Future Transactions Naming Convention

Future Pipeline Naming Convention – As Task in Salesforce
Future Financed PurchaseFI/Account Name
Future Cash PurchaseCI/Account Name
Future Financed Primary PurchaseFP/Account Name
Future Cash Primary PurchaseCP/Account Name
Future Property Sale – As Task in Salesforce
Future Property Sale – InvestmentPSI/Account Name
Future Sale PrimaryPSP/Account Name
Future Refi – As Task in Salesforce
Cash Out RefiCORefi/Account Name
Rate and Term RefiRTRefi/Account Name