A “Done For You” Client Case Study… Real Income Replacement From Real Estate

case study mike chamberlain done for you real estate

Our guest today is our very own Mike Chamberlain who will walk us through the real numbers of successful real estate deals. This is an actual case study of results a client has created, buying real estate across multiple markets over multiple years.


With conservative investing that we do at Done For You Real Estate, these are the kind of numbers we expect to see from most of our deals. Mike has a background in financial advising on the stock market, so we will also touch on some benefits of real estate vs stocks.


“Real estate takes time, but the time that it takes creates phenomenal outcomes when it’s done the right way.” – Kevin Clayson 


One of the services that we offer in our company is an annual property and market review. Mike is an expert in this area who looks at the numbers so the clients can know how their investments are doing. 


If there’s one thing that’s he’s found doing all these reviews, it’s that real estate is a long-term venture. You make money over time, and the biggest mistake you can make is to sell at the wrong time!


This episode will help you get a feel for what you can expect if you decide to replace your income from real estate, so make sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways

  • Who is Mike and what he does for our clients (01:27)
  • Why you need to see real estate as a long-term venture (06:13)
  • Getting into the details of our case study (10:10)
  • How appreciation compounds over time (17:11)
  • The difference between investing in real estate vs stocks (20:38)
  • What are the risks with investing in real estate (25:53)
  • The main takeaways from this episode (27:40)


Top Quotes

“Real estate takes time, but the time that it takes creates phenomenal outcomes when it’s done the right way.” – Kevin Clayson 

“If you are in the middle of your portfolio, you should be getting a property and market review.” – Kevin Clayson 

“A purchasable property is being in the right market with the right set of conditions.” – Kevin Clayson 


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