How Does DFY Help Clients Play Real Life Moneyball 
With Real Simple Real Estate?
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"What's My Investment To Work With DFY?"
Sitting Down With A DFY Dedicated Specialist...
Reviewing And Considering Live Inventory...
Working With DFY On An On-Going, Life-Long Basis
DFY Does NOT sell education...
DFY Does NOT have ANY upfront fees associated with it...
DFY is a Transactional Real Estate Investment Company
At DFY You DO Real Estate, 
You Don't Pay To Merely LEARN Real Estate
The only expenses associated in working with DFY are the typical expenses required in any real estate investment transaction, plus a one-time, per property fee, charged only at closing.

Most real estate companies charge thousands of dollars up front, before a single deal is ever seen, or transacted, just to LEARN to do real estate. The actual transacting of real estate is completely up to you, and may take you hunderds of hours to complete a single transaction, not including the additional money you will be required to come out of pocket with in order to control the property. 

With DFY, you will only incur standard Real estate investing expenses like:
  • Down Payment: This is the typical 20% down payment required for financing investment real estate.
  • Closing Costs: These can include such things as appraisal fees, mortgage fees, title fees, etc.
  • Rehab Expenses: Sometimes these expenses can even be included in the purchase price of the property.
The way DFY makes its money is by charging a one-time, nominal, per-property flat fee of $4995. The flat Coordination Fee is a tiny percentage of the purchase price of your home, usually in alignment with a standard Real Estate Agent Commission. This fee is fully disclosed and included on the property pro-formas, and you will see your projected cash-on-cash, and annualized returns calculated based on your total out of pocket expenses per property, which include the Coordination Fee. This Coordination Fee allows DFY to do all the work required for you to have a seamless and simplified real estate investing experience that will truly begin to replace your income one investment at a time. The fee is only collected at closing, which means you don't pay DFY a cent until you have a beautiful, fixed up, financed, rehabbed, and ready-for-tenants home that you are about to take title to.
What's The Full DFY Game Plan?
IRE - Your Income Replacement Estimate
Do You Qualify To Invest In Real Estate And Begin Replacing Your Income One Investment Property At A Time? A dedicated Income Replacement Specialist will provide a free Income Replacement Estimate based on your current resources, your long-term goals, and your short-term needs. You’ll know approximately how long it will take you to replace your work income with real estate income.
The Gateway To Your Future Is At Your Fingertips With An Income Replacement Estimate:
The DFY Income Replacement Estimate Will Give You:...
  • The starting point, and how you can put in 30 minutes on the phone, and get increased cash flow on the other side....
  • Why your starting point doesn't matter as long as you simply start where you currently ARE...
  • See how we help you solidify your precise starting point...
  • The "secret" to turning a single sum of money, in to 20 years of consistent and predictable financial gains..
  • Learn how to turn 1 or 2 properties today, into 11 properties, and $75,000 of annual residual income in 20 years...
  • See how to start generating real estate income immediately...
  • Learn the "secret" to only ever investing a single sum of money, and creating double digit returns...
  • Learn the "secret" to making it happen immediately...
  • Find out why NOW is always the best time for us to take you by the hand to assist you with your real estate success...
Your Client Success Manager (Coach)
You need someone in your dugout, or a Coach to help you manage the complexities of the game. After you've received your Income Replacement Estimate, and you are ready to begin investing in real estate, you’ll be assigned a Client Success Manager, or a Coach who will stand in your financial dugout with you to help coordinate all the whole team to make sure you are getting on base financially.
You Will Have An Account Manager, A Coach, Assigned To You To Handle All The Details:
Once you know what simple, predictable, and conservative real estate investing can do for you, and how long it will take to have it replace your work income with residual real estate income, you work with our pre-qualification team that will tell you how much real estate you qualify to invest in right away, and down the road. Whether it's mortgage financing, self directed IRA funds, or a 1031 Exchange, all things will be considered when it comes to your ability to invest in the real estate you need to begin winning the game.
Working In Partnership With Bank Of American Fork, The Finance Team Goes To Work For You
DFY Investment Markets
While working with a licensed agent, you will begin seeing actual investment homes, depending on which markets suit your Game Plan best. Each deal you are shown will be a real estate single or double that fits in to your Game Plan according to your resources, desires, goals, and capabilities. We know that one of the most difficult aspects of real estate investing is knowing where to invest next, and then identifying the right properties for your portfolio.
We Are Here To Help And Guide You To The Markets That Best Suit Your Game Plan
DFY identifies Real Estate Investment Locations on behalf of our clients. We find states, cities, and neighborhoods that can maximize cash flow and potential appreciation, while still being safe neighborhoods where people want to live, thus resulting in tenants who should take care of your home, and faithfully pay you rent.

Between our in-office team, and our "boots on the ground" teams in each of these markets, we can help you maximize safety, cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits, while simultaneously minimizing your risk. Our clients have found that minimizing risk, and increasing safety, has also increased the predictability of their portfolio. Redefining your retirement with real estate investments at the core is more than a investment philosophy DFY believes in, it's an investment system that DFY has proven for our clients for more than a decade.
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