• 125% of purchase price
  • 2Closing cost will average approximately 5% of the purchase price. If you have a higher loan amount, the percentage of closing cost will most likely be lower due to some of the fixed costs of a loan.
  • 3DFY will work towards being at or below this figure.
  • 4DFY flat fee for each property.
  • 5Total out of pocket includes down payment, TEAMS fee, closing costs and rehab. We work to have no surprises at closing to be at or below TOP on a property.
  • 6Property managers charge an up-front lease fee which is taken out of the first month’s rent. This fee will vary per market. We also advocate having reserves on hand to meet vacancy and repair expenses.
  • 7This is a target rent. DFY property managers hit 98% of their target rents. There are some properties which may take a little longer to rent and as such a property manager may want to adjust rent to help with finding a good tenant.
  • 8This is the estimate of what you will pocket each month once you have collected rent, and paid the property manager, mortgage and HOA.
  • 9Net monthly cash flow multiplied by 12 and divided into the Total Out of Pocket gives you a percentage return just on your net cash flows.
Kings Drive Memphis, TN
20% Down Financed Pro Forma
Kingsland Drive Memphis TN
Pro Forma Example For Thermometer-2 step 1 6
Pro Forma Example For Thermometer 2 Assumptions
Pro Forma Example For Thermometer 2 step 7

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