The Real Estate Income Cycle

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Part 1 on the Road to Real Estate Income

Strategy Session

A dedicated DFY On-Boarding Specialist will provide a free Strategy Session based on your current resources, your long-term goals, and your short-term needs. You’ll see exactly how easy it can be to create real spendable income with simple and conservative real estate investments.

Get You Pre-Approved

Once you know what simple, predictable, and conservative real estate investing can do for you, you will begin working with our pre-approval team. This team of licensed Mortgage Professionals will tell you how much real estate you qualify to invest in right away using the DFY framework. This professional team will walk you through this full documentation loan pre-approval process.

Get Assigned To Your Account Executive

After you are pre-approved to begin investing in real estate, you’ll be assigned your own Account Executive. This seasoned expert will help coordinate all the pieces, all the professionals, and all the services you will need. This individual will also work with you for years to come to help you grow and continue your real estate income journey.

Discover How Kelly Successfully Bought Her First Investment Property… In Less Than 6-Weeks!

Without Books, Seminars, Courses, Guesswork or Endless Hours Evaluating Deals.


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Prepare Page