We’re talking to Gary Norris, one of the best DFY Real Estate acquisition directors, about opening a new market in Oklahoma City.

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New Market Announcement – OKLAHOMA! Where The Profits Come Sweeping Down The Plains

We’re talking to Gary Norris, one of the best DFY Real Estate acquisition directors, about opening a new market in Oklahoma City. 

“I want all DFY clients to look at Oklahoma City and say, this is the city I want to invest in.”  Gary Norris

As we mentioned many times on this podcast, we’re constantly vetting different markets. The demand for properties and increase in clients simply warrants going into a new market. We’re glad to announce that we’re opening a new DFY market in Oklahoma City. 

The decision to open an OKC market didn’t come out of nowhere. We needed to do some research first. When we decided to go into a new market, a few months ago, we contacted Gary Norris. 

We’ve had a relationship with Gary for more than 10 years, and we were really excited when he accepted our invitation to become a member of the DFY team. Back in 2000, Gary became interested in real estate. 

Just five years later, he quit his job as a pharmaceutical sales rep to become a full time investor. Since then, he’s actually flipped nearly 100 properties, using his masterful negotiation tactics. He actually did a ton of research to help us determine which market we should expand to. 

Tune in to hear how we met Gary, how our relationship developed over the years, and how he joined the DFY Real Estate team and helped us decide to open a market in Oklahoma City. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Opening a new DFY Real Estate market in Oklahoma City (03:42)
  • Who is Gary Norris and how he became a member of DFY Real Estate (06:55)
  • How Gary became a real estate agent and how he met (09:24)
  • Gary’s journey researching different real estate markets (12:23)
  • 32 different criteria for picking a great market for investment (18:36)
  • How Oklahoma City checks all of the major boxes (22:54)
  • What’s the feel of Oklahoma City and the style of homes (26:31)
  • How Gary works with clients and what sets him apart from other agents (30:56)
  • Future announcements and investing in the OKC market (34:52)

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