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Tired of other companies not answering your calls? Yeah, so are we. You’ll never be ghosted by Specialized – go ahead and try us! We answer 98% of our calls live. Our Concierge Team is available every step of the way to ensure you receive a level of service that will exceed expectations. They act as a liaison between you and various specialized departments that manage the day to day activity of your property with precision. Our team is dedicated to ensure you have a same-day resolution for your property management needs.


We never forget who keeps us in business – we manage your assets with the utmost care and attention. Trust is built through consistent performance that you can rely on. After 35 years of experience, Specialized is the clear industry leader. Our proprietary marketing and leasing system, online owner portal (with real-time updates), rigorous tenant screening systems, and industry-leading software are just some of the reasons you can trust us to manage your home with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Concierge Team is dedicated to providing prompt and clear communication for our clients. We are also committed to delivering a very personal, high-touch customer experience throughout your journey with SPM.

We are available every step of the way to ensure you receive a level of service that will exceed expectations. You will obtain correspondence via email that contains helpful links in order to help you understand SPM’s processes and procedures more clearly. You will also receive a courtesy call from a dedicated Concierge team member (within 24 hours of sign up) to ensure your experience is optimal. Our Concierge is always on stand-by ready to serve as a liaison between you and various members of the Specialized team who manage the day to day activity of your property.

SPM understands how important it is for you to have access to information in a timely manner.

Our Concierge Team is readily available by phone Monday through Friday at 8:00 am – 5:30 pm CST, or via email at:

Direct phone numbers by market:

Dallas: 214-233-7576

Fort Worth: 214-233-7576

Houston: 214-233-7576

Orlando: 407-698-3382

Tampa: 407-698-3382

Birmingham: 205-417-7715

Atlanta: 404-481-3792

Calls received outside of the hours of operation are routed to voicemail. They are promptly acted upon in the order received, the next business day.

Make sure your property is ‘rent-ready’. SPM has the tools and knowledge to ensure your property is rent-ready, and market it aggressively on your behalf.

The best way is to improve tenant retention and to maintain your property. We can help you build a proactive tenant retention plan.

You will receive 2 email notifications prior to the tenants lease expiring, communicating the upcoming lease renewal and market rates. Please let us know if you don’t plan to renew (notice of at least 60 days before lease expiration is needed).

Strong legal counsel, proactive attention to compliance, and complete up to date local, state, and federal regulatory expertise is a must when managing a rental home. SPM is your solution.

First, you will need to set up your account. In order to do that, Access the Owner Portal login at the top right hand corner of this page titled Owner Portal Login page.

Click Create Account on the Owner Portal Login page to request one. Then Sign Up to Receive a Login Account page opens.

Complete all the required fields, and click the Submit button. The information you submit must match the information on file.

Specialized Property Management offers an Owner Portal you may access 24/7. Click the link below to know where you can login to manage your owner’s portal:

SPM utilizes an application that is focused on delivering a positive customer experience, while intelligently improving efficiency and oversight. You are able to view this within your portal. The Owner Hub Dashboard provides easy access to Maintenance Approval Requests as well as a Messaging Dashboard. Each page allows you to navigate to the Meld Details page by clicking on the title of the Meld on the Approval Requests page.

When a maintenance request has been received, a chat will be sent to notify you. You may respond and approve via direct message within that platform. Our Maintenance Team will process the request and provide updates as needed.

Rent collection is not always pleasant, but it’s an important part of property management. Using strict rent cycle enforcement and automated collections are two stress-reducing options.

At SPM, our cost-effective fees pay for themselves, with faster leasing and fewer mistakes. Partnering with us means more savings for you.

SPM has a secure portal where you may view and manage your property reporting, maintenance history, messages, etc.

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