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Nate has been at Done For You Real Estate for nearly 10 years and comes from a long history of assisting clients with investing. His career includes over nine years in retirement planning at Fidelity Investments, managerial and lending experience with Chase Bank and American First Credit Union, and owning his businesses. He has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, investing, and marketing, all of which brings a unique and experienced perspective to help you with your real estate plan.

He currently lives in Saratoga Springs Utah, and enjoys time with his wonderful wife and five children. He loves to hunt, fish, backpack, and is engaged in conservation and preserving wildlife habitat, especially in fast-growing Utah. On a lunch break, you may find him on the Provo River casting his favorite fly to a hungry brown trout.

He loves working with Done For You clients and seeing them achieve success in real estate!

Hard shell or soft tacos? Hard Shell All the Way!

If Nate could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve fly fishing for a whole week with no cell phones!