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Melinda Loan Processor Profile


What makes Melinda different is she’s secretly Wonder Woman…have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Just saying…Melinda loves collecting Wonder Woman items and plans some day to find the perfect Halloween costume to wear.

Melinda loves to dance, sing and is totally addicted to all kinds of music. Her playlists are the most random lists you’ll ever see. She loves her kids and grandkids beyond belief and loves anything outdoors. Skiing is her therapy in the winter, but outside of that, walking (getting those 10 thousand plus steps in), kayaking, biking, and golfing are her GO TOs. In the fall you will find her cheering on the Utah Utes!

In another life, she’s pretty sure she was a fashion diva and walking the runway.

If she won the lottery, Melinda would start a clothing boutique, love all things fashion and of course, still continue working for DFY or maybe invest in some properties to keep my ties with this amazing company.

Dogs or cats? Dogs, definitely dogs…never cats…She’s totally freaked out by cats and they hiss at her, just sayin.