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Jesus was born and raised in Mexico until the age of 20. He came to the US as an International Student and obtained a B.S. in Business Administration from Chapman University in California. Got married to the most beautiful Mexican-American woman, Stephanie, in 2016. They have a 3 year old son, Jesse, capable of draining any one’s energy in a few minutes, confirmed. They moved from California to Utah on September 2020 so he could work for the team of superstars at Strategic Lending in August 2020. He has 9 years of experience as a Loan Officer Assistant and has been fully licensed for one year in multiple states. Still unsure on how to deal with the upcoming winter!

In another life he thinks he was a bear. He is very calm, nice, and cuddly most of the time; but when times require otherwise, he can be as scary as a hungry bear.

The most important thing Jesus learned before high school was to write FAST (this is back in Mexico) on our notebooks. They were told that high school teachers would only talk in front of the class for them to take notes rather than passing out handouts or write on the boards. If not, they would be in trouble if they didn’t have good notes to study and pass the exams. Turned out it was fake (-_-)

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