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Is NOW The Perfect Real Estate Storm?

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 31 August, 2020
Is NOW The Perfect Real Estate Storm? with Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl

People have been making all sorts of predictions regarding how COVID will affect the real estate industry.


You may recall some discouraging predictions, like that home prices we’re going to drop, and comparisons with the Great Recession have indeed been made on many occasions. 


So Steve and I got together recently to summarize our impressions about what’s really been going on in recent months. We had a lengthy, thorough, and incredibly exciting conversation. 


In the end, we came to a stunning realization.


Steve Earl Quote on Predictions of COVID Impact on Real Estate


We compared notes, reviewed some trusted sources, and consulted with our boots-on-the-ground team. As a result, we determined several important factors affecting the current real estate market, and we want to share them with you today.


These key factors are coming together to create a perfect real estate storm, which is why we think there has never been a better time to invest in single-family homes than right now!


This realization has had such an exhilarating effect, and we’re definitely going to take some serious action on the market in the following months.


By the looks of it, if you have the ability, you really should take the advantage.


Make sure you tune in for today’s episode, and if you’re also thinking about investing – give us a call?


There’s plenty of ways you can get in touch via our website, so come on over and let’s start a conversation. 


We’d love to answer any lingering questions and discuss real estate investing ideas with you.


Now without further ado, let’s dive into the show!


Key Takeaways

  • Recent predictions vs. what we’re seeing in real-time (3:24)
  • Why we think NOW is the perfect real estate storm (5:28)
  • The importance of considering people’s agenda before taking their advice (9:53)
  • Reviewing Ingo Winzer’s recent economic forecast (13:55)
  • The massive undersupply of single-family homes and why it’s so important (15:14)
  • Why is there such a huge demand for rentals currently? (19:31)
  • How are the Millenials and the Gen Xers affecting the current real estate market? (22:55)
  • How has the COVID outbreak impacted the interest rates for single-family homes? (24:52)
  • Why are Steve and I so determined to take action…? (26:34)
  • …And why should you also? (27:36)
  • How is remote work affecting people’s residential preferences? (30:11)
  • A few nuggets of wisdom from Warren Buffet (31:50)
  • Let’s start a conversation! (36:09)


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