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Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate Right Now?

Posted by Kevin Clayson Tuesday, 21 July, 2020
Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate Right Now? with Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl


The biggest thing on everyone’s mind these days has to be the Covid-19 outbreak. It has affected virtually every single aspect of our lives.


If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that people are scared. And to a degree, that’s perfectly normal. The situation is serious, and we have to be serious about it.


But we can’t let fear cloud our judgment.


Kevin Clayson Quote on Not Letting Fear Cloud Your Judgement


Whenever the situation becomes unbearably unpredictable, people double down on the question of security. And unsurprisingly, this has become the most popular topic with our clients.


Now more than ever, people need to know they’re making the right call.


All of their various concerns and inquiries come down to the same simple question. 


Is real estate a good investing option right now?


We managed to work out a pretty accurate answer, and to do that, we also needed to address the subtext as well as a bouquet of underlying concerns.


That is why a simple “yes or no” won’t do in this case, because it’s not just about our opinions or preferences.


We used real-time data collected by our teams in the field to find the best possible answer. 


And today, we’re going to present all of the facts we’ve gathered about the current state of real estate so that you can make your own decision.


We’ll share all of our insights across various topics, including property value, inventory, and property management, to name a few.


This conversation should answer all of your major concerns about real estate investment post-Covid.


In case you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us through social media or via our website.


Key Takeaways

  • The biggest real estate question on everyone’s minds these days (1:24)
  • Determining the current situation of real estate with a data-driven approach (2:44)
  • Why is there never an “ideal” time for investing… (4:14)
  • …but when is the “right” time to invest? (6:41)
  • The dangers of making financial decisions based on fear (8:07)
  • The 6 major topics we’re going to cover in today’s episode (11:59)
  • How is the current state of supply and demand affecting property value? (13:12)
  • The difference between luxury and affordable housing property value trends (15:53)
  • Property value trend estimates from the field for the next 12-24 months (18:27)
  • Comparing the current crises to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 (20:31)
  • What is the current state of inventory? (24:55)
  • How has Covid-19 affected property management? (28:03)
  • The vast variations between local economies (34:40)
  • Real-time insights from the lending industry (39:54)


Top Quotes

“It’s good to own the supply when the demand is high.” – Kevin Clayson

“It comes down to what type of real estate do you do and where are you doing that real estate?” – Kevin Clayson

“Make no mistake – there’s never an “ideal” time to be investing in the market.” – Steve Earl

“Real estate is so local. That’s why it’s fun to be able to share this real-time data.” – Steve Earl


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