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Income Replacement Market Spotlight With Florida DFY Acquisitions Director Ryan Hinricher

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 28 September, 2020
Income Replacement Market Spotlight With Florida DFY Acquisitions Director Ryan Hinricher, Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl


If you’ve been listening to the episodes from the past few weeks, then you know we’ve been calling the current climate the ‘perfect storm’ of real estate. 


It is the best time to be investing, but we didn’t want you to just hear it from us, so we brought on someone from our team on the ground. 


Today, we’re talking to our Ryan Hinricher, our acquisitions manager working in the greater Orlando area. 


Ryan Hinricher Quote on Income Replacement


We’ll be covering why that market is in such high demand, why rental real estate, in general, is in such high demand, and how “blue chip” real estate is the key to unlocking income replacement over time.


The COVID era has stirred up a lot of questions regarding real estate. Earlier in the year, we weren’t sure how it would affect the market, but now that we’ve had some time to analyze trends from other pandemics and finally return to a degree of normalcy, we are better able to gauge how to move forward. 


And we’ve seen that this is truly a time like no other and, oddly enough, one of the better times to be investing. Be sure to tune in, because this episode is chock full of great insights!


Key Takeaways

  • A bit about Ryan’s background (7:40)
  • Real Estate in the COVID era (14:45)
  • Why the price of homes hasn’t been decreasing (17:00)
  • The process to be able to go and find homes when supply is so low (21:40)
  • Current and upcoming infrastructure programs in Orlando (28:26)
  • Why blue chip real estate is the foundation of the income replacement approach (35:47)
  • Why Central Florida should be something that we’re looking at as a piece of our income replacement plan (39:50)


Top Quotes

“We scrutinize the quality of the builders a lot. We prioritize that over just getting a deal.” – Ryan Hinricher

“You’ve got to have somebody where you want to invest that can get you the kinds of properties that are going to benefit you from an income replacement standpoint.” – Kevin Clayson

“When you take care of the people you’re working with, typically, business takes care of itself.” – Steve Earl


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