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How To Reach Your Financial “Happily Ever After” With Alan Akina

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 9 November, 2020
How To Reach Your Financial "Happily Ever After" With Alan Akina, Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl


This week, we welcome another special guest and a real superstar in the world of finance. 


Alan Akina is the founder of 101 Financial. Since 2002, he’s helped over 20,000 students take control over their personal finances.


We’ve been collaborating with Alan for quite some time, and we’re such huge fans of his work! 


Over the years, we’ve witnessed time and time again just how effective his program is. Alan has referred many clients our way, and watching him empower people through financial education has been unbelievable.


Alan Akina Quote on Personal Finances


Bringing people financial peace of mind is one of Alan’s biggest passions. Today, we’re going to hear all about his process!


With his teachings, Alan challenges the traditional financial mindset and brings forward new ideas that help average Americans and their families strive towards financial freedom.


Tune in to learn more about how to set up the right retirement plan that will help you and your family get to your financial “Happily Ever After.”


Key Takeaways

  • What does the future hold? (2:13)
  • Introducing our special guest – Alan Akina (5:37)
  • Why Alan started 101 Financial (9:37)
  • Empowering people through financial education (12:14)
  • Reinventing the concept of retirement with the HAE Number (16:53)
  • How does 101 Financial help people take control of their finances? (22:08)
  • Why is Alan’s program so effective? (28:15)
  • Alan’s number one advice for the Replace Your Income audience (31:53)


Top Quotes

“We can save more in interest than we would earn in interest.” – Alan Akina

“As long as the numbers work, try to get it in your portfolio.” – Alan Akina

“If you don’t execute, it’s not going to matter!” – Kevin Clayson

“Retirement doesn’t take millions and millions of dollars.” – Steve Earl


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