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How To Get Real Estate Done For You

Posted by Kevin Clayson Friday, 26 June, 2020
How To Get Real Estate Done For You


The first few episodes of Replace Your Income have been so much fun, and we got to go over some really interesting topics.


Today, we’re going to bring everything together and explain exactly what we do with Done For You Real Estate.


When we got started, Steve and I were looking to build our own real estate portfolio. 


We understood that traditional retirement was broken, that income replacement was the key to fixing it, and that real estate was the best way for replacing your income.


Over time, we naturally shifted towards helping other, like-minded people do the same.


The initial drive for starting our business came from wanting to defy the industry gurus. 


We grew tired of self-proclaimed real estate moguls, selling the “secrets of the trade” for absurd amounts of money.


And with all of their pricey courses and teachings, they always somehow failed to address the biggest challenge with real estate investments – they take a lot of work!


Kevin Clayson Quote on Freeing Up Your Time


If you have a day job and a family, you’re probably not looking to take on an abundance of mundane tasks that come with investing in real estate.


You’d much rather have someone do it for you.


Over the last 13 years, we’ve been boiling down our approach into something that would be simple and effective.


But most importantly, into something that could be done for you.


That is essentially how our business came to be, and in today’s episode, we’re going to dive deep into our 4-step income replacement process.


Key Takeaways

  • A quick recap of the first few episodes (2:23)
  • Why we started Replace Your Income (5:15)
  • Optimizing our approach over the years (6:56)
  • All the work that goes into a real estate investment (8:38)
  • How to leverage the expertise of others to replace your income (11:59)
  • The 4 crucial steps of our process (13:58)
  • Why preparation is key (15:40)
  • The first step of our onboarding – a Free Income Replacement Estimate (17:15)
  • Why is pre-approval more important to us than pre-qualification? (19:30)
  • How to browse new properties with our website (25:32)
  • A brief overview of our Done For You team (26:48)
  • How do we make money? (29:45)
  • What to expect after you purchase a property with Done For You? (31:49)
  • Why we love what we do (+ Howard’s story) (33:57)


Top Quotes

“If you get started and that portfolio can multiply over time, you begin to see a real true path towards income replacement.” – Kevin Clayson

“Preparation may be as simple as just a handful of conversations with people that maybe are more experienced than you are.” – Kevin Clayson

“If you have certain resources, but not others, we can still help you do real estate.” – Steve Earl

“Rates are better than ever, but getting the loan is harder than ever.” – Steve Earl


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