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Replace Your Work Income With Real Estate, Done For You.
Through Simple, Predictable, and Conservative Real Estate Investments, You Too Can Begin Replacing Your Income One Investment Property At A Time...
Real Estate Done For You
With DFY, finding a real estate deal, fixing it up, financing it, and getting it managed is all Done For You by a team of dedicated experts.
Income Replacement Estimator Tool
Take a quick, online, 60-second assessment to see how long it would take you to replace your income with simple and conservative real estate income.
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Traditional retirement planning has failed 80% of us. Watch this free Retirement Makeover Video series, and see how to redefine your retirement.
"Our financial situation is so much better now because of our work with DFY!"
"We have been investing with the assistance of DFY for almost 9 years and have found the process to be just as they describe - very professional, complete integrity, and very customer service oriented. Each investment we have made has been successful and couldnt have been easier on our end, DFY really does everything for you."
-Lee Sim, DFY Client
What Markets Can You Invest In With DFY?
How much can it cost you to invest in the wrong type of real estate, or the wrong markets?   
DFY takes you to the most predictable and consistent markets, with the highest cash flows, 
so that you can have the best shot of completely replacing your income and 
redefining your retirement in the shortest amount of time possible.
- Population 1,905,981
- Known as the crossroads of America
- Projected population growth of 15% per year until 2050
-Cost of living index is 11% lower than midwest averages
- Ranks #1 business climate in Midwest, #6 in the U.S.
- Population 1.3 Million Residents
- Located on the banks of the Mississippi River
- Home to Graceland (Elvis' Estate)
- Birthplace of Rock'n Roll
- Home to FedEx and the busiest air cargo airport in the world
- 5 Class 1 rail systems
- Over 300 trucking companies
- Center of the Orlando metropolitan area with a population of over 2.3 million people 
- Theme park capital of the world drawing more than 68 million visitors a year
-According to Forbes, Orlando is one of the top 3 Markets in America to invest in 
- Population 842,051
- The largest city in North Carolina
- 3rd fastest growing major city in the United States
-Corporate headquarters of B of A
-East coast operations of Wells Fargo. 
-Second largest banking center in the United States.
What's The Process When You Work With DFY...
Step 1
Getting Ready
  •  IRE: You'll first receive a custom Income Replacement Estimate based on your current resources and your long-term goals.
  • Pre-Qual: Once you know what real estate can do for you, you get pre-qualified so we know exactly how much real estate you can invest in.
  • DFY Guide: After you are pre-qualified to begin investing, you'll be assigned a DFY Guide who will work directly with you.
Step 2
Go Under Contract
  • Pick Your Market: Your DFY Guide will help you select the best market to begin investing in for you.
  • Review Hand-Picked Deals: While working with a licensed agent, you will begin seeing actual investment homes that you can personally buy.
  • Get A Deal Under Contract: Once you pick the perfect deal for your income replacement goals, you will put the property under contract.
Step 3
Close & Cash Flow
  •  Purchase The Home: Whether you need mortgage lending, you're purchasing with a self-directed IRA, or doing a 1031 Exchange, DFY helps you buy.
  • Closing and Renting: The DFY team springs in to action to find and place qualified tenants in your investment home.
  • Cash Flow: This is where the fun begins. Your home can now begin to cash flow and start replacing your income.
Step 4
Rinse & Repeat
  •  Dedicated To Your Success: Transacting one investment property with DFY is not the conclusion of your experience with us. The first property is only the beginning. 
  • On-Going Reviews: Every 6 months after closing we will do a review of your properties and your income replacement goals to determine if it's time to sell, time to buy, or time to just keep collecting cash flow.
  •  On-Going Support: You will continue to have incredible resources, and personal interaction until your income is replaced, and financial freedom is achieved.
Why Can You Trust DFY To Help You Redefine Your Retirement?
Founded 10 years ago, DFY has helped thousands of clients, across all 50 states, transact over 400 million dollars and over 3500 homes. As one of the top assistance providers of individual retirement-focused real estate assets, our clients continue to watch their portfolios grow by millions of dollars of equity each year. Individual DFY clients enjoy thousands of dollars of real, spendable cash flows every month, and have seen average monthly cash-on-cash returns anywhere from 7% to 14% over the last decade. To review our entire clients' transaction portfolios for the last 4 years, click the buttons below:
When you retire, there are two things most people don't get to choose... the time you retire, and the income you earn while retired... with DFY you get to choose both.

We know what it's like to feel unsure and insecure about the future. We live in a world where retirement accounts can be cut in half overnight, and where factors outside of your control have hijacked your money and your future.

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"DFY has done for real estate what mutual funds did for the stock market. Now suddenly, Done For You Real Estate's making investing in real estate available for anybody..."
Dr. Bill Graden, DFY Client, 6 Properties
"How Much Can I Expect To Make On My Properties?"
Indianapolis, Indiana
3 Bed/1 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 1962
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
Memphis, Tennessee
3 Bed/2 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 1990
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
Orlando, Florida
4 Bed/2 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 2010
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
Discover how Redefining your Retirement with Real Estate, has helped thousands of people just like you, replace their income:
"What's My Investment To Work With DFY?"
Sitting Down With A DFY Dedicated Specialist...
Reviewing And Considering Live Inventory...
Working With DFY On An On-Going, Life-Long Basis
DFY Does NOT sell education...
DFY Does NOT have ANY upfront fees associated with it...
DFY is a Transactional Real Estate Investment Company
At DFY You DO Real Estate, 
You Don't Pay To LEARN Real Estate
The only expenses associated in working with DFY are the typical expenses required in any real estate investment transaction. Real estate investing includes expenses like:
  • Down Payment: This is the typical 20% down payment required for financing investment real estate.
  • Closing Costs: These can include such things as appraisal fees, mortgage fees, title fees, etc.
  • Rehab Expenses: Sometimes these expenses can even be included in the purchase price of the property.
The way DFY makes its money is by charging a one-time, nominal, per-property fee that allows them to do all the work required, so you can have a seamless and simplified real estate investing experience that will truly begin to replace your income one investment at a time. 

For more detailed information and number please review the property pro-formas by clicking below:

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