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Earn Perpetual Commissions with Real Estate Done For You

Unlock the potential of your real estate associates, friends, and family by introducing them to Done For You Real Estate. Connect them with a dedicated team focused on transforming their income, one property at a time. When they secure pre-approval and decide to advance, it’s not just their financial landscape that changes, you’ll earn 30% of the buyer’s agent commission for every home your referred client purchases with DFY.

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Partner with Done For You Real Estate (DFY), a new solutions provider to offer a unique, valuable solution to your clients and your network! Here’s how you can refer business that can pay you for a lifetime:
  1. Initiate the Process – Click the button below to start the referral process.
  2. Provide Essential Details – Enter your name, your agent ID, and the best email address of your prospective client.
  3. Set Expectations – Ensure your prospect knows they’ll receive an insightful video you’ve endorsed and “highly recommend” they take a few minutes to watch.
  4. Promote an Game Plan Call – Encourage your prospect to schedule a Game Plan call to explore how real estate with DFY can be a game-changer for their financial future.
  5. Earn Your Commission – When your referred client moves forward on purchasing a property with DFY’s services, YOU earn 30% of the buyer’s agent commission. This isn’t just a one-time deal – it’s in perpetuity, on every home your referred client purchases with DFY.
Empower your clients, enhance your portfolio, and enjoy recurring commissions with DFY and eXp. Start referring today!*In alignment with the established rules, terms, and conditions set forth by DFY, licensed eXp Agents who provide a Valid Referral to DFY are eligible to receive a 30% share of the buyer’s agent commission for each finalized purchase transaction. A Valid Referral is defined as an individual who engages with a DFY representative, completes the onboarding process, and successfully purchases and closes on a property utilizing the full spectrum of DFY’s licensed professional services, including adherence to all related fees such as the DFY T.E.A.M.S. Fee. To ensure proper tracking and compensation, the referring party is required to initiate a referral transaction in Skyslope is you are an eXp agent,and forward a referral agreement, under their respective eXp letterhead, to .

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Discover How Kelly Successfully Bought Her First Investment Property… In Less Than 6-Weeks!

Without Books, Seminars, Courses, Guesswork or Endless Hours Evaluating Deals.

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“I have been working with Done For You Real Estate since 2012. I have purchased nearly 20 homes from them and every single one has performed. I also do real estate with a couple partners, and Done For You Real Estate has the highest performing homes in my entire portfolio. I highly recommend their services and do not hesitate to refer them to everyone interested.”
          —Kelly Fasterling—

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