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Done for You Real Estate USA Takes the Work out of Investing

Posted by Kevin Clayson Wednesday, 27 November, 2019

In their recent article, The Balance Small Business describes four important components of a great single-family home investment property. Each is critical to a successful investment experience:

Good news for you… the four markets that DFY helps you invest in are consistently recognized as some of the best markets in the country for real estate investing. We invest in these markets to maximize cash flow, appreciation and tax benefits, but also are very concerned about things economic factors like job rates.

You should own property where renters are wanting to rent. When demand is high, and you own the supply, the risk of vacancy is lower than average. To mitigate the risk even further, it’s critical you have teams that are “boots on the ground” to search for and screen potential tenants when a vacancy does occur.

Many people will attempt to make numbers look better than they really are when they are wanting you to invest. It’s important that you consider expenses… guaranteed expenses, and potential expenses when you are calculating your potential returns. Take a look at the full property pro-formas below to see how we do this for you.

Appreciation is just one of the multiple profit centers in real estate, but one that should not be solely relied on. As experts of the markets that we help you invest in, we can safely project how much value a property will gain over time, and we make sure we account for other potential profit centers as well. Nonetheless, you should include appreciation forecasts as a part of the property return percentages. Again, see the pro-formas below for examples of this.

Let Us Do the Work for You

Over the past decade, Done For You Real Estate has been mastering ALL FOUR components to ensure our clients are investing in profitable and dependable properties. DFY does much more than handle The Balance Small Business’ four main components of a great real estate investment. We do our best to make the experience simple and seamless by doing 90% of the work for you. Our goal is to serve you attentively and efficiently to help you achieve financial freedom one step at a time by replacing your income with predictable and conservative real estate.

To read the entire The Balance Small Business article: CLICK HERE