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Helping individuals achieve financial goals to benefit the life you choose to live.


We are good at the stuff you don’t want to do…


Coaching with Financial Strategies

We are strong believers in choosing a life that is backed by financial strategies. Let us show you how…


So many times in life, we let factors that are outside of our control dictate our decisions. We start with a goal but look at the path of others thinking that we can mimic their successes to reach our own goals. We don’t realize that most times, the path of others are just replicas of someone else. In short, we get stuck in a cycle of reaching for everyone else’ dreams hoping we can even remember what the original goal was. Let us help you slow down. Let’s take a step back so you can take your own steps forward. Here’s the catch: Let’s let money drive all of our decisions!

“Money doesn’t buy happiness.” How many times have we heard that? We call it Strategic Money. Strategic money might not buy happiness either, but it will buy you time for whatever the word happiness means to you… We approach the coaching world from a different perspective. At HelpMe CFO, we have seasoned CFOs that help put a financial plan together to help you reach your life milestones faster than you ever dreamed. Let’s go on a journey to help you achieve goals you never thought were possible!


Financial Services

Whether you own a business or have a 9 to 5, we can help. From annual tax filings to monthly financial review, we got you covered.


Your business growing bigger than your accounting knowledge? Do you need CFO level expertise but don’t want to pay executive-level wages? Tired of being surprised of your tax due from filing taxes on your own with tax software that is like a choose-your-own adventure book? Are your business expenses everywhere but in a spreadsheet? Yeah, we thought so…

HelpMe CFO can take care of all your traditional accounting needs. We can be as much or as little as involved as you need us to be. Together we come up with a strategy that fits your company goals and we execute while you sit back knowing you are in good hands.


Other Services

We get it. You have life figured out. Finances are covered. Cool. You still got options!


Tax Preparation

  • I would say you have no idea how many people dread tax deadlines, but I don’t like preaching to choirs. Whether you own a business or just file an individual tax return, we can prove we know what we are doing.

Financial Statements

  • Income Statements. Balance Sheets. Statements of Cash Flows. Aging Reports. Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Tracking. Accrual vs. Cash Basis. Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Financial Packets. We understand your pain. Make us relieve your pain.

Business Consultation

  • You may be knowledgeable in your industry. Probably awesome at your profession or trade. But what’s the next steps? Restructuring? Scaling? Acquisition or divesture? Yeah, let’s talk.


  • Shoe boxes of receipts are the worst right? Mixing personal and business expenses on the same credit card can be so confusing! Knowing the health of your company can go a long way. We can help you get organized one month at a time.

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