Increasing ROI and Creating Cash Flow

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Hitting a home run in real estate may not be all it’s cracked up to be!

Just like real life professional baseball, real life real estate is more about hitting singles and the occasional double to create the success you are hoping for.

Cash flow is the name of the game and consistent and predictable results are the goal.

Watch this to find out how everyday investors are winning the game of real estate investing:


Investing with a Plan and On Purpose

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When I was young, I quite literally had my life planned out. By age 12 I had planned to become a dentist…I even had business cards made up and I made a name plaque in shop class–Dr. Earl DDS! I thought I had it figured out! Then life happened… I still have long term plans and goals–I believe it is imperative to do so, but the reality is, I have learned to be flexible and roll with the punches. Re-evaluating those plans every 6 months or so has become the name of the game. Just as with life in general, any worthwhile endeavor requires plans and goals.

Real Estate investing definitely falls into the category of requiring a plan if you want to see it actually have an impact long term in your life. That is why the first conversation with one of my team members is all about you and what you want to accomplish in real estate–I call it a game plan. Check out this short video below then call (801) 204-9061 to schedule your real estate investing game plan or if you want to update the one you currently have.
-Steve Earl President and CEO of Done For You Real Estate USA