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Defying Our Industry… Our Story

Posted by Kevin Clayson Tuesday, 23 June, 2020


Welcome to the very first episode of our brand new Replace Your Income podcast. My name is Kevin Clayson, and today, my partner, Steve Earl, and I will share how we started our industry-defying business, Done For You Real Estate.


Today’s real estate industry is riddled with misconceptions, with new investors being overwhelmingly encouraged to swing for the fences. 


It may sound exciting to some, but it’s a poor “strategy.” And definitely not something you’d want to stake your retirement on. 


The reality is most Americans simply can’t afford to swing for the fences – the consequences of striking out can be devastating. You could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.


When Steve and I met a long time ago, we both were both drawn to a more conservative approach, revolved around replacing your income one property at a time. 


Our investment model was inspired by Moneyball, a sporting phenomenon that redefined baseball and showed that there’s a way of being competitive despite operating with a low budget. 


Using a safe strategy of investing in single-family residential real estate, we founded Done-For-You Real Estate. With over 13 years of experience and 4000 transactions, we proved that a “get rich slow” model, focused on hitting singles works time and time again.


We were never in it for the flash – our goal was to secure long term success.


Kevin Clayson Quote On Investment Approach


Replace Your Income is our way of sharing the lessons we’ve learned with our community. We’re hoping to provide you with enough reasons to get off the bench and start hitting those singles!


In episodes to come, we’ll share some of our key principles, invite clients to tell their story, and catch up with experts on current industry trends.


Key Takeaways

  • Welcome to Replace Your Income podcast (1:11)
  • Steve’s inspiring backstory (2:16)
  • How Steve risked everything to become an entrepreneur (6:33)
  • My life before real estate (10:42)
  • Steve’s early experiences with the real estate industry (16:10)
  • The mortgage deal that changed the course of my career (19:41)
  • How Steve and I started working together (23:40)
  • Why we founded Done For You Real Estate (26:08)
  • What each of us is bringing to the table (28:13)
  • The purpose of this podcast and what to expect from future episodes (31:01)
  • Helping people replace their income (The Moneyball Approach) (32:46)
  • Why you need to change your approach to the game (34:50)


Top Quotes

“We want to help people replace their income one property at a time, through simple and conservative real estate.” – Kevin Clayson

“We don’t want the flash, we want the long term success.” – Kevin Clayson

“We’ve helped our clients purchase well over 4000 properties at this point.” – Steve Earl

“More than 50% of our business each month comes from repeat customers.” – Steve Earl


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