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Indianapolis, Indiana
Why Invest In Indianapolis?
- Population 1,905,981
- Known as the crossroads of America
- Projected population growth of 15% per year until 2050
-Cost of living index is 11% lower than midwest averages
- Ranks #1 business climate in Midwest, #6 in the U.S.
- Ranking #1 in pass-through highways
Memphis, Tennessee
Why Invest In Memphis?
- Population 1.3 Million Residents
- Located on the banks of the Mississippi River
- Home to Graceland (Elvis' Estate)
- Birthplace of Rock'n Roll
- Home to the busiest air cargo airport in the world
- 5 Class 1 rail systems
- Over 300 trucking companies
Orlando, Florida
Why Invest In Orlando?
- Center of the Orlando metropolitan area with a population of over 2.3 million people 
- As the theme park capital of the world it draws more than 68 million visitors a year
- Home to over 100 lakes
-According to Forbes, Orlando is one of the top 3 Markets in America to invest in 
Charlotte, North Carolina
Why Invest In Charlotte?
- Population 842,051
- The largest city in North Carolina
- 3rd fastest growing major city in the United States
-Corporate headquarters of Bank of America
-East coast operations of Wells Fargo. 
-Second largest banking center in the United States.
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The DFY Intensives
If you missed our last intensive on the topic of 1031 Exchanges, watch it right here.
If you missed our Intensive on January 31st, watch it right here!
So What Is Covered In This Intensive...
(Time-Stamps and Topics Below)
At 19:36 - Who Is DFY and How Do You Redefine Your Retirement?

At 25:17 - The 4 Reasons Real Estate Is The Solution To The Retirement Crisis.

At 32:25 - How DFY Differs From Most Real Estate Companies.

At 46:30 - What Does The National Real Estate Picture Look Like For 2018?
At 56:20 - DFY Market Update - North Carolina

At 1:14:28 - DFY Market Update - Indianpolis

At 1:25:35 - DFY Market Update - Florida

At 1:48:51 - DFY Market Update - Tennennesee

At 1:53:17 - DFY Market Update Expansion Announcement - Mississippi
At 2:06:27 - How To Have A 97% Success Rate In Obtaining Investment Fiancing

At 2:24:03 - What's Happening with Interest Rates Right Now?

At 2:45:03 - The Ins and The Outs Of Your Homeowner's Policy

At 2:47:04 - The Importance of Liability Protection and Umbrella Insurance
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