Call Types Agenda

Origination Call Agenda/Talking Points

  1. Review Client Goals and Objectives
  2. Review Pre-qualification and Proof of Funds
  3. Markets
    1. Outline Each Market
    2. Set Expectations for
      1. Cash Flows
      2. Appreciation
      3. Purchase Price Range
      4. TOP
      5. ROI’s
  4. Buying Process
    1. One on one with agent
    2. Climate of the market – competitive,
    3. Making offers and what to expect
    4. Going under contract and due diligence
    5. Talk up/sell the agent
    6. Offering over asking price
  5. Pro Forma
    1. Review the Pro Forma and answer any question
    2. Focus upon:
      1. TOP
      2. Average Annual Return
      3. Combined Cash on Cash Return
      4. Net Monthly Cash Flow
  6. Property Managers
    1. Review PMC basics and let them know we or the agent will introduce at time of appraisal
  7. Lending
    1. Set expectations about basic timeframes – 30 days from under contract to close
  8. Appraisals
    1. Set expectations about the potential for low appraisals, the appraisal addendum
    2. How we help readjust the pro forma and TOP when we have a low appraisal
Client Relations and Sales Tips
    1. Let them know we are not here to twist their arm/pressure them into a property We want them to be confident in what they are doing.
    2. Put them at ease – make them feel confident in what we do and how we help our clients
    3. Leverage, address and run with their needs and objectives. We have a solution for what most clients want
    4. Be real, sincere, honest, and set realistic expectations.
    5. Convey that your job is to set realistic expectations
    6. Present, sell, give info on markets, properties, teams. Accentuate the positive. Our job is to sell our product, markets, and people. Once you have sold…. see below
    7. Ask for the business or commitment to move forward. Outline the next steps and what it takes to move forward and ask if they are ready.
    8. Once they have committed (you have closed this part of the sale) shut up and stop selling.
    9. After they have committed to the move forward – reassure and express confidence in their decision.
    10. Be excited, engaged, and enthusiastic. Clients get and sense if you are bought in and believe in our product. We rock!

Appraisal Call Agenda/Talking Points

Check in Call

  1. Review the Appraisal and be able to speak to the following
    1. Appraisal equal to or higher than the purchase price
    2. Low Appraisal
  2. Next Step
    1. Confirm Closing Date
    2. Set basic expectations for closing
      1. Mobile Notary
      2. Closing Disclosures
      3. Wiring Money
  3. Talk about Property Manager
    1. Make introduction to PMC if not already done
    2. Talk about PMC process and fees
    3. Address Rehab
    4. Talk about PMC marketing for a tenant once rehab is complete

Property Sales Call

  1. Help client analyze whether to sell or not.
  2. Submit CMA request through SF. Get value, sales worksheet created, and whether we can Sell to Another Client
  3. Wendy will schedule with Client once we have the CMA, Sales worksheet
  4. Review options with client – selling on the open market or to another client
  5. If selling on the open market – need to give notice to PMC and not renew lease with tenant. Originate in SF 3-4 months before lease expires
  6. If selling to another client, Natalie/Angela will inform the agent to begin presenting to other clients. Originated sales opportunity in SF.
  7. Determine if client will be doing a 1031 exchange. If so, refer to 1031 exchange agenda/talking points.

PMR (Property and Market Review) Training

  1. Send PMR (Property and Market Review) to client before meeting
  2. Check in with client/build relationship
  3. Ask/check at a high level how their properties have been doing
  4. Give an outline of the meeting and ask if it is ok to proceed and if there is anything else they need to talk about
  5. Review PMR sheet with client
    1. How long property has been held
    2. Point out purchase price
    3. Property Value
    4. Percentage increase
    5. Outlook/forecast for market
  6. Review Property Options
    1. Continue to Hold
    2. Review Sales Options
    3. Review Refi Options
  7. Ask when their next purchase is. Document in notes and create task with follow up date
  8. Ask about Retirment Funds and potential to purchase
  9. Bring up Partnerships as appropriate
  10. Referrals – link sent

Refi Call Agenda/Talking Points

Preparing for a Refi Review Call
  1. During PMR (Property and Market Review) or other call when it makes sense do a refi review
  2. Request recent mortgage statement and send it to Wendy
  3. Wendy will create Refi worksheet and schedule call with client and AE
  4. AE will fill in the remaining fields of refi worksheet
Refi Agenda
  1. Review fields on refi worksheet to make sure client understands
  2. Review interest rates for rate and term and cash out refi as applicable
  3. Talk about 75% loan to value
  4. Talk about new mortgage payment
  5. Review cash flows on current property, how that will be impacted by a refi, and if buying another property how that new cash flow will affect overall portfolio cash flow
  6. Talk about process and timeframes for doing a refi… what to expect
  7. Create new task tracking potential new purchases or refi’s

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