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Are Real Estate Education Companies Akin To Legal Malpractice? A New York City Attorney’s Real Talk

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 24 August, 2020
Are Real Estate Education Companies Akin To Legal Malpractice? A New York City Attorney's Real Talk with Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq


Steve and I are so excited to welcome Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq on our show!


Teresa is an attorney, a wealth coach, and a real estate investor who also does business growth and success consulting. Her journey is so inspiring, and you’re going to hear more about it on the show. She is a sought-after lecturer, facilitator, educator… I could go on, but for the sake of time, let’s just say she’s truly in a league of her own.


I met Teresa eight years ago, and we connected right away, probably because we hold such similar views and values. If you’ve listened to her before, you’ve surely noticed that much of what we’ve been talking about is a part of her message too.


One thing we bonded over early on was our shared annoyance with the real estate education industry. 


The amount of bad advice being spread by “gurus” across the US, is to this day, seriously grinding our mutual gears. Expensive courses that offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions, lack of diagnostics, and selling the illusion that you don’t need money or credit to become a real estate investor.


All of it would be considered malpractice in the context of the legal profession, with the last one being particularly popular and entirely false.


Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq on The Role of Money and Credit in Real Estate Investing


In our conversation, we’ve gone over the most common misconceptions popularized by real estate education companies, and we do our best to demystify them. 


We also covered a range of topics, including the challenges of investing in NYC, discuss how the current COVID crisis affected the market, and why investing outside of your state is so important.


We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you want to get in touch with Teresa, there’s a link to her website below in the Additional Resources section.


Key Takeaways

  • About Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq and how we met (3:24)
  • Teresa’s inspiring background story (9:40)
  • Inspiring people to build generational wealth (16:38)
  • The challenges of investing in NYC and potential solutions (21:29)
  • Are real estate education companies akin to legal malpractice? (27:37)
  • Why you need credit and money to become a real estate investor (30:16)
  • Treating real estate investing like a business (34:24)
  • The importance of starting your real estate investment process with diagnostics (36:59)
  • How to get started with real estate investing (40:05)
  • Why is knowing how to ask for help key? (43:26)
  • A quick recap of today’s topics (44:49)


Top Quotes

“Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, timing the local market is going to be key.” – Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq

“Right now, we’re in a pandemic, so a lot of people are in the hole. That doesn’t define that you have to stay there.” – Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq

“This idea of “no money, no credit real estate” doesn’t really exist.” – Kevin Clayson

“One of the first things we do as a company is we go through that diagnostic process.” – Steve Earl


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