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Origination Call Agenda

Client Fulfillment Specialist Job Description

Objective: Support Client Fulfillment Team including Account Executives and Client Fulfillment Manager. Complete tasks with the intent to help to allow AE’s and manager to have more time to focus on working with clients to better build relationships, provide value and identify appropriate client transactions.

  • Help Department Manager and Account Executives with client meeting preparation and follow up items
    • Follow up on gathering CMA’s and property values from agents
    • Follow up on gathering pro forma’s when selling to another client is an option
    • Ensure that sales worksheets are completed and ready for client calls as needed
    • Follow up on property management requests
    • Other follow-up and preparation items as needed
    • Help create Sales and Refi Worksheets as needed
  • Help answer client emails and calls as appropriate
    • Property management requests, updates, or service issues. They will follow up with the PMC on behalf of the client and AE.
    • Help respond to and direct clients to appropriate individuals when an AE is out of office.
    • Back up for incoming client calls
  • PMR’s
    • Assist in PMR (Property and Market Review) creation and schedule PMR appointments with clients and AE’s
    • Review PMR activation report for upcoming PMR’s
    • Analyze to see if PMR should be done now/consult with AE
    • Create PMR Record in Salesforce
    • Schedule PMR appointment with client
    • Review PMR completion in Salesforce and follow up with AE’s to make sure they are marked complete
    • Help manage PMR appointments to match AE availability
  • Help with department reporting
    • Help update reports created by Manager on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis
    • Learn which reports to draw data from in Salesforce and then update additional reports for manager in excel reports
  • Help schedule client meetings as needed
  • Team meetings
    • Help with Agendas
      • Send out agendas and meeting material to appropriate guests
      • Create and send zoom links
    • Assist in preparation items for meetings as assigned by manager
    • Attend team meetings
    • Take meeting notes
    • Document decisions
    • Document processes, and procedures
    • Reminders for assigned action items
  • Help with making updates on internal websites with decisions and processes
  • Help with client service and transaction items and with client follow up
  • Send out emails as appropriate on behalf of AE.
  • Request CMAs on behalf of AE and clients
  • Help Manage PMR’s – processes, forecast monthly PMR (Property and Market Review) allotment, ensure PMR reports are being created
  • Coordinate and keep open communication and collaboration with DFY employees and team members
  • Help with creating presentations
  • Look for opportunities to take appropriate items off the plate of the Account Executive and Department manager to enable them to spend more time helping clients and creating transaction opportunities
  • Help prepare meeting agenda and preparation
  • Work with our teams to help resolve client issues or follow up on behalf of Account Executives for service type items.
  • Other responsibilities as needed.

Skills and Experience

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills, interpersonal skills.
  • Strong writing and content creation
  • Excel – intermediate to advanced Excel, graphs and creating effective reports and tracking
  • Microsoft word, PowerPoint,
  • Efficient with computer – emails, use of needed software and applications
  • Salesforce experience
  • Customer Service
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Problem solving skills
Client Fulfillment Specialist

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