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According to Forbes, DFY’s Markets Are Among the Best to Invest In

All four of Done For You Real Estate USA’s current markets were contained in a list recently posted on of The Top 20 Markets For Real Estate Investments. With stability, appreciation and reliable return rates in mind, Local Market Monitor considered some of the most critical information when creating the Top 20 List.

What Makes DFY’s Markets Stand Out?

1. Job Growth
With the local economies doing well, jobs have been growing at above the national rate of 1.5% in each of DFY’s markets. The highest percentage of job growth out of all 20 markets in 2019 belongs to Orlando at 4.7%.

2. Housing Demand
Within the past year, home prices within DFY’s markets have increased between 6% and 10%. This reflects a steady demand for not only homes but rental properties as well.

3. Modest Pricing
Comparing home prices to the “income” price is a reliable way to identify when a market is starting to become over-priced. Since home prices are still 20% below the “income” price, forecasts indicate plenty of allowances for prices to increase before DFY’s markets become over-priced.

According to Forbes, DFY's Markets Are Among the Best to Invest In

Target Markets

As stated by Forbes, the demand for rental property remains high as job growth continues to increase. This means to steer clear of expensive areas with low housing demand and high rental prices. The markets that DFY invest in share similar attributes with other markets on the list.

Different Markets, Different Strategies

Of course, markets with high growth are more desirable than low growth, but stable growth rates are key for consistent, long-term investments. Expensive markets on the verge of a bubble may be appealing, but replacing your income with real estate comes one step at a time. That’s why now is the best time to invest for long-term stability to ensure steady cash flows and predictable results.

To read the full Forbes article: CLICK HERE

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According to Forbes, DFY's Markets Are Among the Best to Invest In

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