Done For You Real Estate

About Us

Done For You Real Estate USA: Is a full-service real estate team that helps its clients build performance based real estate portfolios in markets that maximize cash flow and/or equity opportunity. 

  • Our corporate office is located in Orem UT
  • We have been in business since 2008
  • We have delivered nearly 3,500 properties to our clients
  • We currently have more than 2,000 properties under management
  • We have clients in nearly every state in the nation
  • We have a unique system for delivering and managing properties
  • There are no up-front fees to access our system and inventory of properties
  • We are a 100% transactional company—we do not sell education, courses, or programs
  • Last year more than 50% of our business came from repeat customers

Done For You Real Estate has a team of dedicated professionals who are tasked to finding properties in our chosen markets that fit our very carefully defined investment property. Many properties are purchased at auction by Done for You Real Estate, and many are sourced through our agents searching the MLS, short sales, foreclosures, FSBO’s, classified ads, pocket listings, and other proprietary sources. Each home meets a specific and carefully defined criteria that includes specific geography, style of property, year built, condition, beds and baths, and other important characteristics. No property is purchased site un-seen. We know all the important information about every property before we it is purchased.

We require that all of our properties are repaired to our standards. We have rehabbed more than 3,000 homes. We know right standards to attract the best tenants and meet the guidelines of our lenders. We buy our materials and repair supplies in bulk and keep the costs to a minimum while maintaining our high standards. We track and document all repairs on every property we purchase. This allows us to implement our philosophy of continuous improvement.

We have helped our clients successfully find the best lending has to offer. Investment property loans can be tricky and complex.Although getting a loan is one of the most difficult parts of investing, our team has streamlined and developed a process that simplifies to the extent possible the entire loan process. Because of our experience and results, our lenders have confidence in our clients and their commitment to their investment property(s). Our lenders and loan officers find a way to make it happen.

There are hundreds of moving parts and hundreds of small details that make a complex transaction seem relatively simple. You can be confident that all the details are being addressed. All of the i’s are being dotted and all of the t’s are being crossed!

It is most common for an investor to feel somewhat nervous until the rental contract is signed and a deposit collected. You can be assured that we have the best Property Management teams in the country working for you to ensure that a competent, responsible, and financially able tenant is found for your property! Our long and noteworthy history in property management speaks for itself. In 2015, our projected rent for all properties was 101% of actual rent, and the majority of our first year contracts sign on for a second and third year as tenants.

When we first meet with you either in person or on the phone, we help you create a long-term game plan. Based on your resources, goals, commitment, we help keep you accountable and provide the sources necessary to ensure you take the greatest advantage of your real estate investments and help you turn one property into two and more! Our success is dependent upon your success. We know our system works! More than 50% of our business in 2016 came from repeat clients!

When the timing is right we provide the services to help sell your home for the highest price. All the work is handled and all the capital gains can be 1031 exchanged into more properties taking advantage of the tax opportunities real estate investing affords.