The Power of One: Every Action You Make DOES Matter

The Power of One

We’re talking about the power of one. Why your actions matter and why you need to make action-based decisions both in your private life and real estate. 

“Our individual actions, that’s where power comes from. That’s where the impact comes from.” – Steve Earl

In this episode, we’re doing something different. We’re not talking about something simple and straightforward. There’s no discussion about the mechanics of property management. We’re talking about the power of one. 

What do we mean by it? Well, we’re discussing whether or not you have any power as an individual. Does your contribution have an impact? Can your actions change anything? Often times it doesn’t feel like it. That’s what we wanted to explore. 

Buying a single property may be just a small part of your plan, however, that single action can impact dozens, if not hundreds of people. To start making action-based decisions, first you need to realize the impact your actions can have. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why your individual actions are important and the power of one (02:08)
  • Everything that’s happening around feels like it’s happening to us (05:14)
  • Having a principle-based approach is critically important (08:35)
  • What’s The Strangest Secret and why you need to read it (13:38)
  • How Kevin and Steve managed to switch their mind state (18:35)
  • Who are the real actual heroes in our lives (21:53)
  • How one seemingly insignificant property my change your career (26:38)
  • Actions impact individual economies (30:55) 
  • Taking the first step and not comparing yourself to others (36:17)

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