In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing what we call the ‘Magic Number’ in real estate and discuss how it can affect your life! Make sure to check it out!
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The Magic Number of Real Estate…

Hey guys and welcome to the Replace Your Income podcast with me Kevin Clayson, and Steve Earl.

In today’s episode I wanna talk to you guys about the ‘Magic Number’ in real estate, this is how many properties you need to have before you notice a real difference in your life.

This is when you get a new sense of economic independence, security and peace of mind in your life.

Here at DFY Real Estate, we help people to invest their first dollar in real estate, and in doing so, we’ve seen first-hand the massive effect that real estate can have on people’s lives.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

So When Can Real Estate Change Your Life?

Of course, the market isn’t something that we can’t control. And as we all know, it has periods of growth and periods of uncertainty and instability.

But we’ve always noticed, that it doesn’t really matter when the properties were purchased, when the deals were done, as long as they were good deals, we’ve noticed that once you hit a certain number of properties, magic starts to happen.

And I mean that literally, because when you’re investing in real estate in this way and you’re using the Moneyball Mindset and you’re counting the small wins along the way, that’s what real estate feels like. It feels magic.

You start to make use of momentum, and suddenly things start to flow, and you can finally realize how real estate investing has changed your life!

And that’s why we call this the magic number!

Want to learn more about the magic number? Check out the latest episode of RYI for more!

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