Shelly Lamb

Shelley Lamb

A Utah Real Estate Agent You Can Trust!

Shelley has been a part of the Done For You Real Estate team for the past 7 years, as their local Utah Expert. Having lived in Utah for nearly her entire life she is very familiar with the area, the market, and the unique niches of the state.

As the top local agent for DFY, Shelley has helped many clients, and DFY employees find, sell, and buy their personal residences and investment properties in Utah.

Shelley strives to give DFY clients the best experience they could possibly have on each and every transaction, and prides herself on treating every client exactly the way that she would want to be treated.

Shelley’s unbeatable positivity, perspective, and expertise makes every real estate transaction enjoyable, and significantly more fun. Her clients’ happiness is her primary objective, and she always tells her clients…

“If you are happy, I am happy, and I won’t stop until we are both smiling.”

In an increasingly difficult real estate market, having someone like Shelley in your corner is essential to a positive outcome. Shelley is responsive, compassionate, transparent and unbelievably fun to work with…

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…Whether you are looking to buy or sell your primary residence or looking for the perfect investment property, Shelley is the best agent in the state. Reach out to Shelley anytime… you will NOT be sorry you did… guaranteed!





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