Property Sales Call

Property Sales Call

Property Sales Call

  1. Help client analyze whether to sell or not.
  2. Submit CMA request through SF. Get value, sales worksheet created, and whether we can Sell to Another Client
  3. Wendy will schedule with Client once we have the CMA, Sales worksheet
  4. Review options with client – selling on the open market or to another client
  5. If selling on the open market – need to give notice to PMC and not renew lease with tenant. Originate in SF 3-4 months before lease expires
  6. If selling to another client, Natalie/Angela will inform the agent to begin presenting to other clients. Originated sales opportunity in SF.
  7. Determine if client will be doing a 1031 exchange. If so, refer to 1031 exchange agenda/talking points.

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Sales Call

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