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It’s not too late to refer your friends and family to Done For You Real Estate. Help them access a full team dedicated to helping the people you care for to replace their income one property at a time. If they get pre-approved and move forward, you’ll get a $1000 THANK YOU!

How It Works:

  1. CLICK the button below.
  2. ENTER your name, the name of your friend or family member, and THEIR best email address.
  3. ​MAKE SURE your friend knows they will be receiving an amazing video that you “highly recommend” they take a few minutes to watch.
  4. ENCOURAGE your friend or family member to jump on an Income Replacement Estimate call so they can explore how real estate with DFY can help them replace their income.
  5. WHEN they get pre-approved by Strategic Lending to move forward on purchasing a property with DFY, we send YOU a $1000 thank you check!*

*Subject to any rules, terms, and conditions established by DFY and in the event Client provides a Qualified Referral of business to DFY, Client shall be paid $1,000 per qualified referral. Definition of a qualified referral is one that meets with a representative of DFY and goes through the process of getting pre-qualified for an investment property loan by Strategic Lending or another licensed mortgage broker or bank AND it is determined by the mortgage broker that the referred person could qualify for an investment loan. Upon meeting the qualified lead requirements an amount of $1,000 will be paid to referring party within 30 days of such determination. Referring party must submit a completed W-9 form to qualify for payment.

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“I have been working with Done For You Real Estate since 2012. I have purchased nearly 20 homes from them and every single one has performed. I also do real estate with a couple partners, and Done For You Real Estate has the highest performing homes in my entire portfolio. I highly recommend their services and do not hesitate to refer them to everyone interested.”
          —Kelly Fasterling—

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