Why Is Inventory So Tight? Here’s Your Answer

The supply is low and the demand is high – we’re sure that’s not news to you. But why is the inventory so tight? What are the factors contributing to this situation? In this episode, we explain what’s going on in the market. We also examine whether there’s a realistic possibility of an upcoming crash.

“When inventory is low and demand is high, you want to be on the right side of the supply and demand curve.” – Kevin Clayson

This market situation didn’t develop overnight. Sure, COVID has contributed, but it all started way earlier. Increased demand has also been fueled by record historic low interest rates. All these factors and more come into play – if you’re thinking about investing in real estate, you need to be aware of what’s going on.

And of course, everyone’s been asking us whether we see a crash coming. Tune in to find out why we’re cautiously optimistic, and if you’re a DFY client, you’ll find out what this market situation means for you specifically!

Key Takeaways

  • Short introduction (01:07)
  • If you’re in real estate, you know there’s an inventory shortage (03:08)
  • This is when the situation started developing (05:15)
  • The impact COVID had on the supply and demand curve (06:47)
  • How do interest rates play into all this (11:14)
  • Government spending is also a big factor here (13:57)
  • So… is the crash actually coming? (16:22)
  • This situation is completely different than 2008 (20:42)
  • If you are a DFY client, this is what you need to know (23:34)
  • The main takeaways from the episode (29:00)

Top Quotes

Top Quotes

“If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines for the last six months, it’s time to at least dip your toe in the pool.” – Kevin Clayson

“When inventory is low and demand is high, you want to be on the right side of the supply and demand curve.” – Kevin Clayson

“Do your homework, do your due diligence, and make sure that real estate makes sense for you.” – Steve Earl 

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