The Real Estate Income Cycle

Start your Journey on the Road to Real Estate Income


Part 2 on the Road to Real Estate Income

Pick Your Markets

As you meet with your Account Executive you will receive data driven education on the various real estate markets that are in alignment with the DFY principles. After selecting the best market for you, you will begin working with the DFY team of licensed professionals in the market you choose to begin investing in.

Shopping and Under Contract

You will begin to see actual live investment home prospects, and each deal will fit the DFY standards, and will be hand selected for your specific situation. Once you pick the property with your market agent, you will put the property under contract, and begin the financing and closing process. Your Account Executive will trigger the mortgage team, and the real estate agent to begin the actual purchasing process of your property.

Close On Your Property

Your Account Executive will make sure you are connected with every licensed professional and expert you need to complete the transaction. He will also connect you to a licensed insurance expert to get your property insured with the proper coverages. You will close with a title company, and pay the $4995 T.E.A.M.S. Fee which is what we charge to do all of this incredible work for you.

Fix Up and Property Rehab

No matter where your investment property is located, DFY connects you to an amazing Property Manager who works directly with the teams of contractors rehabbers to make sure your home is properly rehabbed and fixed-up, making it as attractive as possible to the right types of prospective tenants.