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Market Selection Secrets

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 13 July, 2020
Market Selection Secrets with Steve Earl and Kevin Clayson


What makes a good real estate market for investing?


In our line of business, this is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we regularly discuss it with our clients.


First and foremost, an attractive real estate market has to fit well with what you’re trying to accomplish. Sounds simple enough, but that’s just the foundation.


The tricky part is diving into the data, analyzing and weighing your options.


To do that successfully, you first need to figure out the right questions to ask.


Steve Earl Quote on Knowing the Right Criteria for Market Selection


We’re currently on the lookout for new attractive markets, which is why we recently did a real estate research project. 


And so for today’s episode, we want to share our process and show you how we approach market research and selection.


Our Done For You method consists of assessing markets using a list of 35 different criteria. 


Median wage, job growth, education levels, weather conditions… These are just some of the crucial questions we ask to better assess market potentials in the long run.


When we enter a market, we stay there for good. What allows us to do so is our approach based on data.


Listen in to learn more about how to pick the best markets to invest in, the essential criteria you should be looking at, and some examples of actual markets that fit well with income replacement.


If you’d like to get the complete list of our 35 DFY Market Selection Criteria, you can find the link below, in the Additional Resources section. 


We hope you find it useful on the road to replacing your income.


Key Takeaways

  • A huge THANK YOU to all of our listeners (we’re TOP 100 of Investing Podcasts!) (1:11)
  • Our recent market research project (3:05)
  • Why we engage in such thorough market research (5:24)
  • How do we assess potential markets for real estate investments? (7:04)
  • Some examples of market selection criteria we use (8:19)
  • How landlord rights affect our market selection process (11:58)
  • Why is transportation such an important factor for our investing? (14:56)
  • How do our 35 criteria help us make a better assessment? (18:29)
  • The number one goal of investing (21:49)
  • Why do we focus on single-family properties? (25:37)
  • What is the relationship between risk and return in investing? (27:48)
  • The demand for single-family properties is at an all-time high (31:04)
  • Why you need a method based on data (32:59)


Top Quotes

“It has to make sense for you to invest in that market in the short term, and especially in the long run.” – Kevin Clayson

“Investing in real estate… should be based on data and research.” – Kevin Clayson

“Whenever there’s more return, there’s more risk… 100% of the time.” – Steve Earl

“The number one reason is to make money. If you don’t make money then you can’t stay in the game.” – Steve Earl


Additional Resources:

  • Learn more about Done For You Real Estate: VISIT HERE
  • Get a FREE Income Replacement Estimate (IRE): APPLY HERE
  • Get the full list of our 35 DFY Market Selection Criteria (+ Top Markets): FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

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