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Housing Policies 2020: Biden vs. Trump

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 26 October, 2020
Housing Policies 2020: Biden vs. Trump with Kevin Clayson

Politics have always had a major impact on real estate investing. On the one hand, housing policies can make the process a lot easier. But on the other, they can stifle it quite a bit. 


With the 2020 election getting closer, I thought it would be quite interesting to take a closer look at the proposals made by the two candidates and review them purely from an investor standpoint.


And so, whatever happens after this election, one thing is sure – the impacts on the real estate industry will be massive. 


For that reason, I think there’s great value in analyzing each of these policies objectively, without taking political preferences into account.


Before we get into it, there is something you should know about me. I’m a freedom-loving capitalist, and I believe in the principles of the free market. 


Knowing this will give you a better understanding of my reasoning around this topic.


I also believe everyone needs to make their own decision, so, please…


Kevin Clayson Quote on Doing Your Own Research


By this time in the campaign, most of you have probably decided who you’re voting for. Even if you’re still undecided, I’m confident whatever I say here isn’t going to sway your opinions in any way.


My only goal here is to examine these policies through the lens of income replacement and explore the potential effects they could have on the future of real estate investing.


Key Takeaways

  • Next week’s episode announcement (amazing guest!) (1:21
  • Why I chose to talk about 2020 housing policies today (2:54)
  • Are you a producer or a consumer? (5:23)
  • Why I believe in the principles of the free market (6:23)
  • A high-level overview of today’s episode (9:53)
  • What I liked about Joe Biden’s proposals (12:52)
  • My concerns about Biden’s public credit agency proposal (14:48)
  • Ceratin limitations of the Section 8 idea (17:12)
  • The BIG negative coming from Biden’s proposals (22:12)
  • The harmful consequences of potentially rolling back the 1031 exchange? (25:54)
  • Other things I disliked about Biden’s proposal (27:14)
  • Ideas from Donald Trump’s proposal I didn’t like (32:03)
  • What I’m not so sure about Trump’s proposal (36:22)
  • Some of the positives from Trump’s housing policy (42:39)
  • Closing thoughts on the housing policies for the 2020 election (47:02)


Top Quotes

“No matter what, it’s never truly a bad time to invest in real estate.” – Kevin Clayson

“Real estate investing can be done simply – if you have a team that can do the majority of the heavy lifting for you.” – Kevin Clayson

“Carve your own way, make your own path, carpe your diem…” – Kevin Clayson

“I just want people to have affordable housing and have the ability to continue to grow their personal wealth.” – Kevin Clayson


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