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4 Ways Real Estate Beats “Traditional” Investments

Posted by Kevin Clayson Wednesday, 24 June, 2020
Real Estate Beats "Traditional" Investments


Our great nation was founded on real estate and ownership. It’s a pretty powerful concept when you think about it, and in this episode, we’re going to explore it a little bit closer.


Real estate isn’t the only thing you can invest your money in. For us, it’s the best way to go, and we’ll demonstrate why that is the case.


Steve Earl Quote on Real Estate Goals


We’re going to share a bunch of reasons why we like real estate far better than any other type of investment.


This is something Steve, and I wholeheartedly agree on. We believe that if you want to replace your income, the best way to go about it is bit by bit, purchasing one property at a time.  


It’s not just something we preach to our clients – it’s also a part of how we do business as a company.


We use the exact same principles to grow Done For You Real Estate.


And it’s not just to show we have skin in the game. We don’t do it purely to show solidarity to our clients.


We do it because it works, and it is the best way of doing it. 


There are four crucial reasons why real estate is superior to “traditional” investments. We’re going to go through each of them thoroughly, sharing as much insight and experience as possible.


If you want more information on how real estate compares to other types of investment (like BitCoin or the stock market), make sure to check out a link in the Additional Resources section. We have an infographic waiting with some interesting stats and bonus content! 


Key Takeaways

  • The role of real estate and ownership in our nation’s development? (1:24)
  • Real estate gives you control (5:23)
  • How does real estate rate against other investments? (9:17)
  • Real estate and the concept of cash flow (12:04)
  • Comparing real estate to the volatility-prone stock market (18:42)
  • How real estate allows you to utilize leverage (20:10)
  • Breaking down the concept of leverage even further (24:58)
  • The multiple profit centers of real estate (31:17)
  • How do real estate investments hold up against inflation? (33:50)
  • The additional, intangible, tax benefits of investing in real estate (36:29)


Top Quotes

“I love the term “cold, hard, spendable cash”… Because I feel like that’s what real estate can generate.” – Kevin Clayson

“Real estate always goes up over time.” – Kevin Clayson

“The goal for real estate is to always find its highest and best use.” – Steve Earl

“There’s something about living in the moment, and being able to take advantage of the cash flow today.” – Steve Earl


Additional Resources

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  • Get a FREE Income Replacement Estimate (IRE): APPLY HERE
  • Infographic comparing real estate to other types of investment: DOWNLOAD HERE

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