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Client Tips: How to Create Liquidity in Real Estate

Posted by Kevin Clayson Monday, 17 August, 2020
Client Tips: How to Create Liquidity in Real Estate with Kelly Fasterling


For the first time ever on the Replace Your Income Podcast, we’re going to have one of our clients tell their story. Today, we welcome Kelly Fasterling, a long-time client who has transacted 13 properties with us.


Kelly’s background is a career in IT with over 25 years of experience creating software. After her 401k being halved twice in just under 10 years, she realized she wasn’t going to reach her goals through traditional retirement.


Like in most real estate success stories, the book that started it all was Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Her first property was a success, but finding a second good deal was a real challenge.


All of that changed when she met Steve Earl who introduced her to our Done For You process and shared a way of real estate investing that went beyond properties located in your backyard.


You may have encountered an argument against investing in real estate because it’s not liquid. But for Kelly, liquidity is one of the main reasons why she got into real estate in the first place!


Kelly Fasterling on Liquidity in Real Estate


The question of liquidity of real estate is particularly interesting, and there’s a lot of factors at play you need to consider. We covered it thoroughly in today’s episode, along with a range of top investing practices, industry insights, and answers to all kinds of burning questions.


Tune in to hear Kelly’s inspiring income replacement story and get a client’s perspective on what our Done For You process is all about.


Key Takeaways

  • The story of how I met Kelly Fasterling (3:12)
  • Kelly’s background, learning about real estate and meeting Steve (5:27)
  • Making the first step to real estate investing (10:09)
  • How has working with Done For You affected Kelly’s income replacement journey? (11:48)
  • Liquidity of single-family homes over other investing opportunities (17:06)
  • Managing the stress and the challenges of real estate investing (22:10)
  • How to be your own bank (25:00)
  • Answering the top 2 concerns people have with real estate investing (32:48)
  • Kelly’s experience working as a real estate agent and helping people move towards retirement (35:59)


Top Quotes

“You showed me how to get out of my backyard and invest more successfully in other places.” – Kelly Fasterling

“With Done For You, I spend less than an hour a month on 10 homes.” – Kelly Fasterling

“The good news is, with a good home and a good neighborhood, there’s always a market.” – Kevin Clayson

“Investing in real estate is painful. And one of our objectives with Done For You Real Estate is to reduce that pain.” – Steve Earl


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