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Adam York is the perfect blend of Passion, Optimism, Drive, and Experience to help you create Job replacement Income. He brings a unique perspective to your investing portfolio with over 12 years of his own Real estate investing experience, having done many rentals, fix & flips, wholesale, and a variety of other strategies. He has personally bought, held, and/or sold over 4.1 million dollars in real estate.

Adam loves to serve others in their cash flow goals so you can enjoy life on your own terms and have the freedom to create what you want with your friends, family, & loved ones.

Outside of the office Adam loves to spend time outdoors, thrill seeking, and creating memories traveling the world with his wife of 11 years, his two daughters and son who are 8, 6, and 2.

Random facts about Adam:
-Speaks Russian as a second language.
-Raced motocross his whole life growing up ending his career at a professional level in 2009 (after an accident that resulted in a 9 day coma prepping to race his hero Jeremy McGrath).
-Studied International business and Russian at Utah Valley University.

If Adam were a superhero, his superpower would be NEVER sleeping or slowing down AND to see 5 years into the future.When Adam was 5, he was pretty sure he’d be a professional chisel thrower when he grew up. (ask him, he’ll explain)

Something crazy about Adam you might not believe, he was hit by a semi on the freeway! (He was in stop and go traffic in the snow/ice. They were going maybe 3 mph and he couldn’t stop and the semi bumped him, but it sounds intense, right? lol)